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Data: 17 Kwiecień 2011
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NAVITEL 5.0.693 - 5.0.1069 + Maps (Commonwealth) ALL Cracked

NAVITEL 5.0.693 - 5.0.1069 + Maps (Commonwealth) ALL Cracked | 2,25 Gb

In the presence of an enormous base of required objects POI - most 300,000 gas stations, traffic police, cafes, supermarkets, hotels and so on, among other things, "Navitel Navigator" enables the use of foreign cards made and updated by the user, in favor of popular cartographic editor GPSMapEdit . Users to available official detailed maps of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus for Navitel, with support services "Navitel.Probki on all land cards, but not exclusively in large cities.

Installation on the Symbian
1. If you have already installed a demo version, remove it
2. Sign a file using the utility, enclosed in the kit.
3. Installing, paying no attention to possible warning that this application could hurt smartphone (it's a warning on some smarts issued in connection with the fact that pridozhenie is not recommended by default, and also because the certificate says that you - third-party developer, and application in testing and development (more details in a text file)
4. Pour card in the appropriate folder on the media in a smartphone.
5. If you want, pour additional voice files, information about cameras and radar.

Personal impressions
There have been complaints about the earlier version 5.0, seems to be at work "retard" the system clock. With this version is nothing like this happens. The best option - work with external power supply.

Release Date: 2011
Version: v5.0.0.1069
Developer: NaviTel


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