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Data: 17 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 2 (11A430e)

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 2 (11A430e) | 1,03 Gb

New features of the operating system:
Launchpad - Control (folder, desktop) and run your application in style iOS
Full screen applications Mission Control - unified by a Dashboard and Expose, and becomes a control center application windows, desks and so on. Gestures animations - new multitouch gestures Auto-Save the preservation of the working condition even after you exit the system
Versions - Time Machine for documents - manage document versions in two mouse clicks Resume - saves the state of your Mac after a restart, including all applications, sites and documents Mail 5 - new e-mail client style iPad AirDrop - Instant wireless transmission of documents Lion Server - Server version is now built into Mac OS X Lion

Ext. Information:
Apple says nothing about what has changed in the new assembly, and the list that accompanies each update, simply reads "recommended for all users running on Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2.Edinstvennoe that while developers have noticed disliked by many design iCal little changed, the icons in the Finder back to the old style and the work she began in a stable, apparently really bugs fixed in this version I have earned Skype.
P.S. Other files besides the service pack, refer to the update server side.


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