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Data: 12 Kwiecień 2011
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Bento 4.01 for Mac OSX

Bento 4.01 for Mac OSX | 89,04 Mb

Bento is a personal database from FileMaker that's as easy to use as a Mac. Bento organizes all your important information in one place, so you can manage your contacts, coordinate events, track projects, prioritize tasks, and more faster and easier than ever before.

Bring It All Together: From contacts and calendars, to projects and events, you can organize just about every type of information you have all from one place.
See Things Your Way: Just drag and drop or point and click to change the look of any form, and see information in a way that makes sense to you. Now seeing, searching, and sorting your information is simpler and faster than ever before
Designed For Leopard: Bento has direct links to the Mac OS X Address Book and iCal, and takes advantage of many new features of Leopard, including core animation, advanced find, Time Machine, backups, and multimedia features.

If you're already using FileMaker Pro, be sure to check out Bento for your personal organization and productivity needs. It's also a great way to organize all your after-work activities, community projects, school events and more.

Version 4.01:
-)--- Label Printing
-)--- You can now print mailing labels, inventory tags, name badges, and more - right from Bento 4 for Mac!
-)--- Supports more than 250 Avery and Dymo labels, including Standard and A4 formats.
-)--- Create your own custom labels formats for your unique needs.
-)--- Specify which fields from Bento are included on the label.
-)--- Include a picture that is stored with each record so it changes for each label based on what's stored in Bento.
-)--- Add a static image that stays the same for all labels, such as your company logo.
-)--- Add static text that stays the same for all labels, such as your event name.
-)--- Specify font style, font size, color, and alignment.
-)--- Save custom labels with each library to reprint previously designed labels instantly.
-)--- Share your custom labels by exporting your library template. When others import your template, they will get the labels that are saved with it.
-)--- Specify what label on which to start for printing on partially used label sheets.
-)--- See a preview of your labels on-screen before sending to your printer.

New! Form Printing Options
-)--- Get more control over your output with new printing options that make invoices, sales orders, and other forms look much more attractive.
-)--- Set page margins when printing forms.
-)--- Print forms without field borders.
-)--- Print forms without field labels.
-)--- Use new printer-friendly themes that look great on-screen and on paper.
-)--- It's incredibly easy to work with Bento 4. I can design the forms to look just the way I want-it's just drag and drop.
-)--- New! Export Templates with Data
-)--- Now you can export your actual data along with your Bento templates to share pre-populated databases with other Bento users.
-)--- Export any individual library or group of libraries as a template, and choose to include the data contained in the library as well.
-)--- Send the file to another Bento user via email or other electronic method.
-)--- The recipient simply double-clicks on the file to import the template and the data including, forms, fields, label designs, text, files, pictures, videos, and more.

Requirements: PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later


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