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Data: 11 Kwiecień 2011
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Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01.506 (x32/x64)

Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01.506 (x32/x64)
2011 | 329 MB

Steinberg WaveLab - A program for stereo and multi-channel audio editing, mastering, burning CD / DVD and create an audio CD or DVD with the highest quality sound. WaveLab - it's not just the best tool for mastering, it also has the possibility of establishing a sound, samples, radio and computer telephony applications.

WaveLab - Continuing the outstanding reputation of previous versions, supplemented with plenty of features and functionality, and is one of the best audio editors and mastering studios. In WaveLab more than 120 new features and enhancements, including the Spectrum Editor, full integration of external effects processors and remote control equipment, the new system volume SmartBypass, upgraded DIRAC Time Stretch and Pitch Shift Technology, the system gauges Bob Katz, and much more.

WaveLab - A complete mastering studio with high-resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration opportunity, creating samples and record CD / DVD Audio. WaveLab - is the editor provided with the best tools for mastering and sound restoration, and affordable price makes it an ideal choice zvukorezhesera professional or competent musician. The new version is equipped with powerful features and an intuitive, easy to use interface - all this makes WaveLab fast and powerful application.

- Easy high-quality audio editor with crystal clear sound processing, which supports sample rate up to 384 kHz and resolution 32-bit floating point.
- Stereo and multi-non-destructive editing with versatile layout clips through a multi-channel routing and video support.
- Standards-compatible CD mastering and creation of DVD - Audio.
- High-quality built-in equalizer, dynamic processing and effects (VST and DirectX plug-ins).
- Powerful audio restoration tools.
- Convenient meters and analyzers.
- Support many different audio formats (WAV, AIFF, SD II, AU, MP 3, MP 2 (M. U. S. I. C. A. M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, etc.) and resolutions (8/16/20/24/32 bps to 384 kHz), as well as W 64 and the RIFF 64 file formats, import and export projects, AES -31.

In WaveLab added DIRAC algorithm for compression / stretching and transposition function SmartBypass in the master section (automatically compensates for the difference of levels of direct and processed signals), plugins Loudness Normalizer and Smat Silence, Loudness Distribution window and Waveform Scope. In addition, enhanced mode Audio Montage (enhanced fade editing features, new options for import and export, batch processing), and management of files.

Releases released: 2011
OS: Windows x32/x64
Language: ENG

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