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Data: 8 Kwiecień 2011
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Lupo PenSuite 2011.04 Portable

Lupo PenSuite 2011.04 Portable Full & Lite
2011 | ENG | 371 MB

Lupo PenSuite is a completely free collection of portable programs and games. This kit is designed to simplify the life of the user through the collection of the best “suite” of portable applications available on the Internet. Optimized for download on a USB flash drive and can be with you always.

PenSuite also works fine on any other device. The program includes a carefully selected portable programs and games. You can also easily adjust to fit your needs PenSuite, Add / Remove portable applications from our wide database software. All you need is always with you and all in one package.

- All-in-one for each according to his needs
- It is free and portable
- Translated into 28 languages
- No spyware, adware and viruses
- Easy to use and to personalize

The program has a lot of settings to the needs and habits of the user. For example: on a mouse button, and in what form will open the program: all the controls from the menu pops up when you hover over the tray icon …

Lupo PenSuite tested and optimized for 512 USB flash drives or more (Lite version requires less) for Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems. It works with any device: USB flash drive, portable hard drive, IPod, Eee PC and others. Most of its applications run on other editions of Windows

Programs are divided into categories:
- Internet
- Multimedia
- Graphics
- System
- Security
- Office
- Utility
- MyApps Extra
- Games

Lightweight (Lite) version: 7-Zip Portable; CCleaner Portable; CyberShredder; Defraggler; eMule; EssentialPIM Portable; Extra; FastStone Capture; FastStone Image Viewer; Firefox Portable; Foxit Reader Portable; Games; InfraPecorder; KeePass; Notepad++; PhotoFiltre; Pidgin Portable; POP Peeper; Q-Dir; PadioSure; Pecuva Portable; SIW; System Explorer; TagScanner; Toucan; uTorrent; VLC Portable; XMPlay

Complete (Full) version: 7-Zip Portable; AbiWord Portable; AM-DeadLink; ArcThemALU; Audacity; AviScreen Portable; CCleaner Portable; ClamWin Portable; Converber; CPU-Z; CyberShredder; DataRecovery; DCU; Defraggler; Directory Lister; Double Driver; DSynchronize; DTaskManager; eNule; EssentialPIM Portable; Extra; Fast Explorer; FastStone Capture; FastStone Image Viewer; FastStone Photo Pesizer; FDN Lite; FileZilla; Firefox Portable; foobarZOOO; Foxit Reader Portable; Freac; FreeCornrnander; Games; GIMP Portable; HTTrack Portable; IcoFX; Icons From File; ImgBurn; InfraPecorder; IrfanView; JkDefrag Plus; KeePass; LC ISO Creator; Medialnfo; mp3DirectCut; NexusFont; Notepads; Notepad++; OperaUSB; ozSync; PDFTK Builder; PDF-XChange Viewer; PhotoFiltre; PicPick; Pidgin Portable; PixaMSN; PNotes; POP Peeper; Porta; Q-Dir; PadioSure; Painlendar Lite; Pecuva Portable; PegSeeker; PeNarner; Pevo Uninstaller; Shutter; SIW; SMPlayer; SpeedCrunch; SpyDLLPemover; System Explorer; TagScanner; Thunderbird Portable; Tomahawk PDF+; Toucan; TreeSize Free; TrueCrypt; UnderCoverXP; Universal Extractor; Unlocker Portable; uTorrent; VirtualDub Portable; VLC Portable; Wavosaur; WhatlnStartup; WipeDisk; XMPlay; xp-AntiSpy; zphoto

- The default English language programs. But the progammaa has 28 built-in language packages, including Russian. Language pack is selected after the launch of the program options.
- With the developer’s site to download dopolnitelnyey soft and skins for the program.
- Archive contains programs for x64 systems (those programs where there is a difference for x86 and x64). Unpack in a directory with the replacement files.

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