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Data: 7 Kwiecień 2011
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Cisco Security Manager v3.3.1 SP3 (2011)

Cisco Security Manager v3.3.1 SP3 (2011) | 1,58 Gb

Cisco Security Manager - a system of centralized control of all security features from Cisco, which took the place CiscoWorks VMS. Distinctive features of the CSM is to support a greater number and types of protection devices, and various forms of information, mechanisms for detecting inconsistencies in security policies, automation of routine tasks, etc.

Functional product:
? Graphic management interface;
? Various forms of information - in the form of network topology, as a geographical map, a table of rules;
? Detection of conflicts in the rules of security policy;
? Detection of the rules do not affect the security of the network;
? Grouping objects;
? "Cloning" tweaks to speed up implementation of remedies;
? Support for hierarchy and inheritance of security policies;
? Reverting to a previous configuration;
? Import settings from various sources;
? An inventory of policies already implemented for protection;
? Automatic VPN-tunnels for different topologies (Site-to-Site, Hub & Spoke, Partial Mesh, Full Mesh, etc.);
? Control mechanisms for fault tolerance, load balancing, and quality control service for controlled means of protection;
? Role-based management of administrative access using Cisco Secure ACS;
? Automatic protection updates;
? Management ACL and VLAN on the Catalyst 6500 and Cisco 7600;
? Integration with Cisco MARS to correlate network events and set the rules for the ITU, which helps to more quickly make decisions and increases the efficiency of the network;
? Manage and configure security policies on the ITU Cisco, including Cisco ASA 5500 devices, Cisco PIX, modules for Cisco Catalyst 6500;
? Ensuring high availability;
? Control of Administrative Action on protective devices;
? Management of SSL VPN


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