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Data: 6 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

DarkBASIC Professional v7.5

DarkBASIC Professional v7.5 | 380 MB

DarkBASIC Professional - a universal solution for rapid development and debugging of various types of computer 3D-games, applications and presentations using a simple programming language.

With DarkBASIC Professional, you can:
- Create any types of games and applications.
- Achieve a professional level results.
- Quickly implement their ideas.
- Quickly perform debugging and testing programs.
- Create any 2D and 3D effects.
- Work to develop for Windows.
- Create a game using the levels for Quake 3.
- Create stunning 3D screen saver.
- Run the program, created in DarkBASIC V.1 .*

3D engine:
Sequential bit processing (BSP).
A set of potential visibility (PVS).
Constructive uniform geometry (CSG).
Optimization of the directory tree.
Bump mapping.
Display discontinuous inverse images of points.
Displaying environment.
Sphere mapping.
Cubic mapping .*
Pixel and vertex shaders: *
- Cartoon shading;
- Rainbow rendering;
- Create your own shaders.
Low-level access to data objects.
Vector and matrix management.
The shadows in real-time .*
Accurate reflection .*
Improved mapping of the surface.
Several provisions of the camera.
Particle systems.
Ultrafast 2D sprites.
Complete collision and interaction of polygons.

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