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MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011 v6.0.402.1045

MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011 v6.0.402.1045
2011 | MULTi4 | 573 MB

MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011 is a professional application designed to increas your computer performance. According to independent tests, PCs that are used extensively show signs of slowing down after only a few months. PC Check and Tuning managed to increase the performance of test devices by up to 300 percent, achieving results that were nearly equal to their original performance.

More speed - Less problems - Long-lasting performance In one step, the program analyzes the computer, detects problems, and removes them all on its own. Easy-to-understand menus also increase computer performance and save memory and power. License for up to 3 PCs! You can install PC Check and Tuning 2011 on your home PC, your notebook computer and the PC of another family member. This way, you can increase the performance of up to three PCs in your household!

Software update - Updates outdated software! Outdated programs on your PC pose a considerable security risk. PC Check and Tuning 2011 creates a list of all of the software programs installed on your PC, checks whether they are up-to-date and whether new versions are available. Thanks to the direct connection of the software update function to a comprehensive software catalog, new versions can be downloaded immediately and security gaps closed.

Power saving scheme - Reduced power consumption and longer battery life! Applications that run in the background often waste a lot of power. The MAGIX power saving scheme provides access to hidden Windows power saving functions. You can reduce your computer's power consumption by up to 15 percent. Benefit from longer battery life on your notebook computer and use power more efficiently.

Depending on your needs and workflow, you can choose between different power profiles, which allow you to regulate your power consumption more efficiently. An easy-to-understand color chart visualizes your energy demand and immediately displays any changes that have been made

1 complete program instead of 20 individual programs:
- Updates all software programs
- Save power and extend battery life
- High-speed mode for maximum performance
- System start analysis and acceleration
- Uninstalling of unwanted programs
- Improved performance monitoring
- Advanced hard disk analysis and information
- Comprehensive tuning log

- Find problems and solve them immediately
- Check and update drivers
- Clean up and defragment the registry
- Optimize Windows services
- Deactivate performance traps
- Analyze and reclaim memory
- Set animations and effects
- DSL/Internet tuning
- Netbook tuning
- Configure the Start menu and taskbar
- Defragment drives
- Delete temporary files and Internet history
- Create and load partition or file backups
- System restore and file rescue
- Delete files permanently
- Detailed hardware and system information
- Comprehensive PC/multimedia glossary

Highlights at a glance
NEW! System start analysis
Locates and removes features slowing down system start
Time savings during PC start-up

NEW! Power saving scheme
Utilizes hidden Windows power saving functions
Reduces power consumption by up to 15%
Extends the battery life of notebook computers

NEW! Software update
Provides updates for all installed programs
Closes security gaps by offering software updates
Direct connection to a comprehensive software catalog

NEW! High-speed mode
Deactivates unnecessary services and functions
Speeds up CPU-intensive processes
For instant performance boosts with just a click

IMPROVED! Automatic tuning
Analyzes weaknesses at high speed
Finds and solves problems in just one step

Monitors system performance non-stop
Warns in case of problems or instability

MORE! Acceleration
Starts Windows, applications and games faster
Accelerates programs, increases PC performance
DSL tuning for faster Internet surfing

MORE! Memory
Finds and displays memory-intensive data on your PC
Removes superfluous files upon request
Cleans up your hard drive

Title: MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011
Version: 6.0.402.1045
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English | German | Italian | French
Medicine: crack + serial

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