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Autor: champosta
Data: 4 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Proshow Producer Software Collection. Complete training material (2010)

Proshow Producer Software Collection. Complete training material (2010) | 837 Mb

Proshow Producer Corporation Photodex - the best on the market for software for creating slide shows. Unlike other packages that eliminate user partiCENZURAtion in creating a slide show or drown it in secret options, Producer is designed to make a slide show of professional quality, without suppressing or restricting creative freedom.

ProShow Producer - program for creating professional presentations from Photodex. Utility supports working with layers and provides an opportunity to use an unlimited number of layers for each slide. The program supports transparency for files PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF, makes it possible to use a mask layer, transition effects, gradient fills or fill color. Photos that make up the presentation, you can edit, and address them with tools such as sharpen, change the contrast and color saturation. The presentation may contain signatures, including animation, background music. The finished project can be saved in one of 14 formats, including HD Video, Flash and QuickTime. This version is the most functional version of all three versions of this program, as well as fully suitable for business use.
Within a program of more than 170 effects, and another 350 in the Style Pack

The archive also contains:
- A portable version of this program for those who do not like to spoil the registry to complete the development program.
- Style Pack 1-4 (first two, even with language, but it is not needed here - there is no localization for the core program)
- Tutorial in ProShow Producer 4 version in Russian. What's New in 4.5 version it is not described, but the principle works for all versions 4 until the same
Additional Information:
Some possibilities:
"Adding an unlimited number of layers to any slide
"Support for Drag-and-drop
"Supports over 100 formats
Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files
"Adding a gradient fill, or as a separate layer to get incredible results
"Use transition effects for individual layers
"Built-in image correction tools (sharpen, blur, colorize, saturation, etc.)
"Creating an enhanced framework for your photo and video
"Cutting and turning your photos and videos with precision
"Remove red eye using the built-in tool
"Scaling the X and Y coordinates for each individual layer
"Fully customizable slide preview grid allows you to accurately set the position for your photos and video
"Controlling the fonts, sizes and colors of captions to slides
"Animating signatures to the slides with various built-in effects
"Using sound to your slideshow
"Support for WAV and MP3 formats for audio
"Preserving audio tracks directly from CD-ROM and direct dragging sounds into your slides
And much more ...

Additional features in this version:
"Copy-protected CD
"Overlay watermark on images and videos
"Custom Templates
"Capture frame
"Compressing AVI output
"Smoothing the transitions
"The use of textures in signatures
"The use of the gradient in signatures
"Use of signature style
"The use of interlinear spaces in the signatures
"Rotate signatures
"Set the shadow color and transparency
"Creating vignettes
"Support for RAW-files
"Office Keyboard
And much more

New features:
"Styles slides are preset effects that you can apply to any slide in your show
"Adding notes to the sections, slides, or showing
"Editing keyframes with light using the new editor of keyframes
"The smearing of any image or video in your slide show
"Like Adobe Photoshop, ProShow Producer 4.5 now allows you to adjust the layers to each slide
"The new audio synchronization tool
"Support for animated GIF images
"Setting the strata titles
"Rotate or flip video
"The enhanced audio controls
"The new settings automatically saved
"Options menu using the right mouse button
"Display time in seconds in the timeline

Treatment procedure:
In the folder Crack is a universal crack for 4 versions

System requirements:
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
(64-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP supported)
1024x768 display
1GHz processor
1GB system memory
Accelerated 3D g

ProShow StylePack 2010 contains a StylePack Escapes and StylePack Grunge Appeal - a set of high-quality additions to the program ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer for creating professional slideshows. It has dozens of ready-made effects, templates, layouts and animations! And, all in excellent professional quality!

You only need to put these templates into the folder "styles" in a directory of installed programs (eg: C: Program Files / Photodex / ProShowProducer / styles).

This is an additional set of effects to the already known StylePack 1 - 4

There is also a book Kultri Barbara (Barbara Coultry) "For enthusiasts ProShow" in English and Russian languages, which is very accessible describes application of styles when creating colorful slideshows.

System requirements:
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
(64-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP supported)
1024x768 display
1GHz processor
1GB system memory
Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB ram
DirectX 8.0 or better
DVD R / RW /-R / RW writer
70 MB hard drive space



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