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Data: 2 Kwiecień 2011
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Unipoint 2011

Unipoint 2011 | 1,5 Gb

Catalogue of starters, generators, compressors, air conditioners and their components Taiwanese manufacturer. Also presents details of the cooling system of automobiles and wiper blades.

Unipoint is committed to having a wide range selection for all applications to meet global customer requirements. Besides our full automotive range, our extensive coverage also includes units for medium & heavy duty trucks, industrial & marine applications. All are competitively priced which will offer "One Stop Shopping" merit to our valued customers.
Unipoint temperature control line includes brand new air conditioning compressors,brushless motors, blower & fan motors, radiator fan assemblies, fan clutches & other related products. All products are designed to meet & exceed O.E.M. specifications & undergo the same quality manufacturing & testing processes associated with all Unipoint products. Unipoint has over 800 different models - specific to this range.
Unipoint is committed to total solutions to their customers with a full range of wiper blades, including passenger cars, trucks & buses. In addition, a wide range of adapters are supplied to fit most applications for trouble free installation, firm connections and long service life.
Unipoint has the capacity to produce over 4.5 million pieces per month. As a result of this capacity, manufacturing procedures & quality control, Unipoint is successfully selling this full range of products to well known wiper blade manufacturers & chain stores world-wide.


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