Autor: tanya-j
Data: 2 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Best Service Cult Sampler v1.0 Hybrid

Best Service Cult Sampler v1.0 Hybrid | 1.12 Gb

This unique library includes all the charming sounds of the late 70s to the early 80s.Because the samplers at that time suffered from severe limitations in memory capacity (RAM), artistic high level sound programming was essential.

Pitch-shifting and stretching of sounds was mandatory, and 8-bit sounds were mostly the standard. This resulted in sounds with very special character. Character that nowadays is missing in our hyper-clean 24-bit/96 kHz world of almost unlimited RAM.
The 2000 sounds and multisamples are perfectly laid out to play on your keyboard.Sounds of early vintage samplers like Orchestron, EMU II, Akai S-612, Ensoniq Mirage , Fairlight, Synclavier,Linn, Mellotron,Master Studio Coll., FZ-1,DSS-1. Each sound and multisample was produced professionally using the original samplers. Also included are all the classic factory sounds.

All this is combined with the special version of Native Instrument KOMPAKT Sampler that is included,and you have a plug-in/sounds combination that is based on today technology , but with the classic sounds of the past. The software enables you to tweak the sounds in real-time according to your preferences.

This hip virtual instrument features Choirs and voices, flutes and clarinets, violins, violas and celli , trombones and trumpets , bassoons and contrabasses , church/pipe/electronic organs , grand pianos , chorus pianos , world percussion and acoustic drums , guitar licks , 12 string guitars, E-guitars clavinets and harpsichords,contra basses and E-basses, Japanese koto and shakuhatshi,syn chorus/pads and syn choirs. Also included is a huge variety of electronic/synthetic sounds , noisy and distorted pads, voice & special FX.

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