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Data: 30 Marzec 2011
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VMware Workstation 7.1.3 Build 324285 Final with VMware Tools New Updated Soft

VMware Workstation 7.1.3 Build 324285 Final with VMware Tools (03.2011) | 1.61 GB

VMware Workstation - a program that is designed for workstations, enables a computer to emulate a standalone working environment of the operating system and work with him as with the conventional system. Using this method you can install different operating systems and applications for them, go online and engage in daily tasks, but with somewhat slower speeds. The benefit of this method is the ability to test various software under various operating systems, while not causing harm to the current system, installed on my main computer, as well as some test hardware solutions. Can make life easier for developers to cross-platform applications and lovers to work with the new OS.
Year: 2010
Developer: VMware
Language: English and Russian
Medicine: Present
VMware Tools:
* VMware Player - a software only to run pre-built virtual machines (created by VMware Workstation, or VMware Server). VMware Player also works with virtual machines created by applications, GSX Server and ESX Server, Microsoft VirtualPC and Symantec LiveState Recovery. Free solution with a limited, compared to VMware Workstation, functional. There is a part of the full VMware Workstation 7;
* VMware VIX API - a library for writing scripts and programs under Dev. The following support systems and programming languages. More information you will find information in your doc, which is installed with the program. Supports Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and above, Linux (kernel 2.4.x and above). Supports programs written in C, Perl, Visual Basic, VBscript, C #. There is a part of the full VMware Workstation 7;
* VMware Server - it's free virtualization product for Windows and Linux servers with enterprise-level support and opportunity management with VirtualCenter. VMware Server is a reliable and easy to use application virtualization based on proven virtualization technology, which is already more than six years, used by thousands of users.

Among the new features VMware Workstation 7:
* Ability to select as a guest OS virtual machine, VMware vSphere 4;
* Support for Windows 7 as a guest and host OS;
* WDDM driver for the guest operating system Windows 7;
* OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 for guest Windows XP and Vista;
* Dynamic Download VMware Tools;
* Multi-core and four virtual machines (4 vCPU);
* Ability to print from a virtual machine without installing the drivers at the expense of ThinPrint;
* Create snapshots at set intervals (AutoProtect);
* Protecting virtual machines 128-bit encryption;
* Support for the ALSA library for guest operating system Linux, which will play music from multiple virtual machines simultaneously;
* Improved Linux Virtual Network Editor.

VMware Workstation 7.1.3 Build 324285 Final with VMware Tools New Updated Soft

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