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Data: 29 Marzec 2011
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Campaign Cartographer 3

Campaign Cartographer 3 | 1,11 Gb

The new version of Campaign Cartographer combines the power of computer aided design with beautiful hand-crafted artwork and ease of use to provide one of the best and most effective tool for creating maps for roleplaying games and wargames.

CC3 is the fastest and most powerful map-making software in its class. So if you're a busy person who wants the best, this is the software for you. In minutes you can learn all you need to rapidly create beautiful maps for campaigns, games and real-world applications.

A few simple but powerful tools do it all, and you can learn what you need in a matter of minutes. But CC3's simplicity doesn't mean less power. In fact, quite the reverse. CC3 gives you easy access to a huge choice of mapping symbols, styles and types. CC3 gives you fingertip control over every aspect of your mapping. With CC3, you draw exactly what and how you want - if you want to know how, see our video tutorials

Whenever you need designs, whether it's roleplaying games or wargames, fantasy, modern or SF, CC3 can help you create them. From entire worlds and countries, to floorplans and furniture, CC3 can do it. You can map out your entire campaign world, place your troops in the field, or chart your galactic empire.

Over the years, we've improved CC3 to match the needs of our customers. Our users are extraordinarily helpful and resourceful - if you want ideas of feedback, they'll help - just ask on the forum. If you buy CC3, you are joining a huge, friendly community of like-minded designers. There are hundreds of user websites with a huge variety of maps.


Unpack to C:\Program Files\ProFantasy\
Program folder should point C:\Program Files\ProFantasy\CC3
Read Read-me.txt
Apply cc3 reg.reg patch
run program C:\Program Files\ProFantasy\CC3\fcw32.exe


added fully registered CC3+DD3+ all 6 compatibility updates


- Unable to select predefined templates, seems to be in vista/7 64bit. Maybe in 32-bit too.
- When creating a new template CC3 crashes, - have to reopen CC3 and open the one you saved/created.



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