Autor: champosta
Data: 27 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Bosch Zexel ESPI 4/2010 Multilingual (2011)

Bosch Zexel ESPI 4/2010 Multilingual (2011) | 998 Mb

Electronic parts catalog Zexel ESPI provides a detailed catalog of parts and data on cross-reference for all products from Bosch manufactured under license by Zexel for cars of the Japanese market.
Catalog Bosch Zexel (Zd + Zw + Zx) takes 3 CD and a full installation requires approximately 1Gb of free disk space available as a partial installation directory and work with the CD. The program supports 11 languages.
Database interface for spare parts Bosch Zexel (Zd + Zw + Zx) is identical to the old versions of programs Bosch. While the program is available only three search functions to the number Zexel, by number Bosch, the type of Bosch, there are hopes that in future versions of the functionality of the program will be expanded.

ZD - Service Parts catalog
ZW - Calibration Data
ZX - Cross Reference catalog


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