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Data: 26 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

3D Wunschhaus Architekt 7.0 Plus German

3D Wunschhaus Architekt 7.0 Plus German | 850 Mb

With the 3D ideal home architect 7.0 Plus plan and construct your very own dream house and its interior. The architecture of software offers a wide range of services at an affordable price. Create your very own dream house from ground to roof, including all objects such as electric - and plumbing, heating, etc. In addition, 3D Home Architect 7.0 request plus a large selection of furniture that will meet all expectations.

Let your imagination run wild and see how your dream house gradually before your eyes is made: The finished object, you can finally use the Walk-Through and Walk Around modes inside and commit virtual and admire. You will be surprised at the result!

- Design your own four walls to your liking - individually
- More than 1,000 objects (such as furniture, wallpaper, hi-fi systems, etc.)
- Ideal for remodeling, renovation and equipment
- Step into your new home before the first sod
- What's new?
- Precise cuts or sections through the 3D model.
- Parallel perspectives.
- Planning for the input surface of 3D space in all views
- Solarlemente with its own catalog
- Improved positioning of 3D objects
- with circular staircase representation at the inaugural
- Advanced presentation of doors in 2D
- 150 new 3D objects, including about 40 doors, beds, bedroom furniture, fences, etc.
- excerpt render
- NEW: Additional space text comments
- NEW: purlin supplemented with pitch roofs
- NEW: additional 2D drawing functions
- NEW: Creating 2D graphics, contour, curves, lines and polygons convert to closed contours



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