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Data: 24 Marzec 2011
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xPerfect Android environment - Ubuntu 10.10 x64 Sun Java 6 / SDK / NDK / REPO / GIT / Cyanogen - March 2011

xPerfect Android environment - Ubuntu 10.10 x64 Sun Java 6 / SDK / NDK / REPO / GIT / Cyanogen - March 2011 | 8,76 Gb

xPerfect provides a full Android development environment in the form of a virtual machine and is free for anyone to download and use as required for building and developing Android sources, kernels, drivers, diff patches and more.
Built with Virtual Box on Ubuntu 10.10 x64. Latest sources and builds for Froyo and beyond require this 64bit environment and as a result made available this as a virtual machine for the development community or anyone interested in Android development to use as they wish.
This is a work in progress and is in initial release 0.1. I'm uploading this as a public torrent due to the size being 8.6GB - TAR.GZ - I'd like to invite everyone (with adequate bandwidth) to share your thoughts, idea's and suggestions for inclusion or addition and in any way to improve or perhaps remove!
THANKS Ubuntu Linux, Oracle / Sun Microsystems, Eclipse, Motorola, Sony Ericson,
Android open source project (AOSP), QtADB, XDA Developer forums,
Cyanogen Mod, Zdzihu, Jerpelea, Bin4ry, Goroh_Kun, marylandcookie
ChangeLog Initial release
NEWS Build andconfiguration complete. Provides a stable environment
for android application and firmware (rom) development.
INSTALL Latest Virtual Box -
Copyright and licensing - Apache Open source licence respective licences contained within image MUST remain intact.
BUGS Known issues and instructions here at the original thread
Ubuntu 10.10 x64
Sun Java 6 JDK Hotspot JVM
Android SDK r10 Linux
Android NDK r5b Linux
Qt ADB - Phone explorer
Motoroloa - MotoDevStudio (eclipse ide)
Environment variables exported
Required libs & packages pre-installed and compiled


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