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Data: 24 Marzec 2011
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Hegemony Gold Wars Of Ancient Greece v1.5

Hegemony Gold Wars Of Ancient Greece v1.5 | 210 MB

The ancient Greeks crafted for themselves a world like no other, a world where each city had its own unique aˆ“ and often fantastic aˆ“ culture. From the Spartans, a culture built on a foundation of slavery, a culture that aˆ“ with no need to earn a living aˆ“ had dedicated themselves to the ideals of physical perfection, and ironically espoused the virtues of freedom; to the Athenians, a nation of unparalleled art and architecture aˆ“ the likes of which, even today, remain unmatched in originality and richness aˆ“ a nation whose constitution afforded democratic power to even the lowest class of citizen; the stories of Greek civilization must have sounded like myth and legend to an outsider.
It was in this environment that the concept of hegemony was born: the idea that one city-state could assert cultural dominance over the entire Greek world. This is the world of ancient Greece. A world of feuding city-states, of heroism and deceit, and of legendary leaders. A world whose monumental legacy would leave our own world forever changed. This is the world of Hegemony.

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