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Data: 21 Marzec 2011
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Collection Programming and Tools Crack 2011

Collection Programming and Tools Crack
2011 | Multi | 4.59 GB

If you're already familiar with the basics krecked and programming, then videokurs CRACKL @ B could be for you to be even more useful, because in the course of lessons you will learn the secrets of my approach, you can "hear" the professional details that are imperceptible beginner.

List of lessons video course (they are all voiced):

1. The benefits of krekerstva for themselves. (Audio)
2. How not to transgress the law, being a *******. (Audio)
3. Where to start. Stages of becoming a programmer and *******.
4. Delphi, C or PHP: a difficult choice.
5. PHP modern language for a beginner. Installation and the first program.
6. Practice in PHP. Part One.
7. Practice in PHP. Part II.
8. Fundamentals of code: the number system, bits, bytes.
9. What is common between EXE, JPG, TXT
10. Program Analysis: Entropy, the basics of virology.
11. Processor architecture for the purpose of cracking.
12. Assembler. Familiarity with the language. Stack format registers.
13. Assembler. Commands, flags, and examples.
14. Overview of the main tools *******
15. Familiarization with the debugger OllyDbg
16. Specialization *******s
17. Breaking the first program. Disassembly, the search code.
18. Breaking the second program. Debugging, patch, use patterns.
19. The structure of executable files PE.
20. Unpacking the first program. Secrets of the approach. Classic hack unpacked program.
21. Surprises from the protectors: littering and morph code, virtual machine, the encrypted code, anti-******* tools.
22. Radiotekh + protection programs: a homemade dongle.
23. Forum CRACKL @ B. Great opportunity for a proper understanding.
24. At last

Ext. Information:

In addition, according to tradition CRACKL @ B DVD, the disk also contains tools krekerskie (1900 MB - 600 files).
CRACKLAB.RU.exe - a copy of the entire site CRACKL @ B (800 megabytes zipped in 7z SFX)
Analyzers - Analyzer 22 files (PEiD Final, RDG Packer Detector ,...)
*******s - 25 programs to guess passwords for RAR, ZIP, The BAT, OfficeXP, MD5 (Passware Kit 9.0 Registered, Multi Password Recovery, Rar Password ******* 4.12, The Bat Password Viewer, The Bat Unpass ,...). Here is the archive dictionaries chastovstrechayuschimisya passwords - to break the method of "dictionary attacks", the total size of the uncompressed dictionary - 40 MB.
Crypto - 20 programs for cracking the encryption, hash (PasswordsPro, RSA Attacking Toolkit 0.1f, MD5 CrackFAST 2.10, Encryption Xpert 1.2, ...)
Debuggers - 9 debuggers (DriverStudio 3.2, SoftICE 4.05 and 4.27 (under 98, and NT / XP) + all sorts of gadgets for him, OllyDbg 1.10 + crack + plugins + Russian help, OllyDbg 2.01, Syser Debugger, TRW2000, SoftSnoop, Rock Debugger, Auto Debug Professional)
Decompilers - 35 decompilers (DeDe 3.50 + SDK,. NET Reflector 5.1, Numega SmartCheck 6.20 RC2, 9Rays Spices. NET Suite 5.0, ReFox MMII, VB RezQ 3.3a, MSI FEU 0.2, EMS Source Rescuer 2.0, ...)
Disassemblers - 30 disassembler and associated tools (IDA Pro, Flair and WinCE Debugger + directory (RUS) + new plug-ins, Killer WinDASM 10, Sourcer 8.01, ...)
Dongles and LMs - a set of 47 major management licenses for research and instumentov hardware keys (Sentinel LM SDK 7.3, FLEXlm SDK 9.2i, FLEXlm SDK 11.4, HASP and Hardlock Emulator 2007, Guardant SDK 5.0, SentinelSuperPro 6.0 Kit, ...)
EXE Tools - more than 25 tools for working with EXE files (SDL Passolo 2009, Restorator 2007 Full, PETools 1.5, Stud_PE 2.3, PE Explorer 1.99, PE Studio 3.3, ...)
Monitors - All monitors from sysinternals (RegMon 7.04, FileMon 7.04, ...) and 45 others: Regshot 2.0.1, RegSnap Pro 6.1, kerberos 1.13p API spy, VB Spy 2.3, ...
Other - 25 programs to reset trial and creating NFO (Registry Trash Keys Finder, Trial-Reset, Data ****, EVACleaner 2.7 + SRC, Damn NFO Viewer, ...)
Packers - Packers 50 EXE files, code scramblers (ASPack, NSPack, PECompact, PECrypt, UPX, WinUPack ...) - all the most recent version
Patchgens - 35 Patch Maker (Patchmaker 1.2g, WCRPatcher 1.2.12, Universal Patcher 2.0 Pro, ABEL Loader Generator 2.31, ...)

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