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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 21 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Encyclopaedia Universalis 2011

Encyclopaedia Universalis
2011 | 4.58 GB

Encyclopaedia Universalis is the result of a unique collaboration between the world of learning and the world of publishing. All articles and reference was made and signed by experts in each discipline or other area: the historian, physician, musicologist and curator, researcher, scholar, writer, teacher ... More than 7000 well-known authors to ensure content encyclopedia Universalis.

In both educational and aesthetic content encyclopedia Universalis also includes multimedia: interactive graphics, charts, audio interviews, 3D animation ...
Due to the unique index, youll find a few seconds all the information you are looking for among the thousands of documents in the encyclopedia (articles, videos, animations, sounds, ...).

More news, + update:

But the update does not stop there, indeed, it is not discipline known mutations that, discoveries, and sometimes even a challenge. Thus, the renovation and expansion undertaken UNIVERSALIS2011 covers all areas of culture and knowledge such as history, science, or art, recent developments and more established disciplines.

Authors + + news:
To take into *** as fully as possible of these events, surrounded Universalis every year the best specialists. Some of them work together for the first time with Universalis. Here are some examples:

Gauzin-Dominique Muller, an architect, assistant professor in the School of Architecture in Strasbourg on "green architecture";
criminologist Jean Susini and Dr. Clotilde Champeyrache in economics, for "mafia";
Vermander, director of the Taipei Ricci Institute, to "religious policies of China;
Carre, a geography professor from the sea at the Sorbonne University, for "geopolitics in the Arctic;
Jacques Briard, Senior Researcher CNRS, for the "early history".

+ + Performance for simplicity
UNIVERSALIS2011 has new technology 100% compatible with most commonly used operators, but also with the latest versions of Windows 7 and Mac OS Snow Leopard (10,6).

Faster, safer, UNIVERSALIS2011 now gives access to the main page at any feature or element in one topic search, click, click the film library, view the music room, please contact us, etc. .

Similarly, the navigation has been redesigned to further improve consultation, research, creation of personal records: now you can open several additional documents, without losing the original document, whether paper or the environment, you can switch from one to another title instantly, you check the advice with ease.

The new interface, + helpful + nice:
Home, themed rooms, article pages, chronology, all UNIVERSALIS2011 was reviewed and visual graphics palette is softer and brighter in favor lengthy consultations, the optimized structure of each page allows you to better grip the screen more visible - an illustrated buttons, large fonts, automatic adjustment to screen size, everything was thought to be from UNIVERSALIS2011 helpful and pleasant.

Installation Notes:
File replaced Universalis-DVD-app3.jar in / Contents / Resources / Java for a ked
Should work on aussi Windows machines (not verified)

PC version of the DVD-ROM / MAC compatible:
- Windows XP (toutes versions)
- Windows Vista (toutes versions of COMPRIS Les versions 64-bit)
- Windows 7 (toutes versions of COMPRIS Les versions 64-bit)
- Mac OSX 10.5
- Mac OSX 10,6

Reference digital encyclopedia!

- A large collection of documents in French
- Knowledge for all: parents, children, professionals ...
- Instant access to all branches of knowledge in your computer
- Recognised pedagogical usefulness of the Ministry of National Education

Title: Encyclopaedia Universalis - 2011
Year: 2010
Version: 20.11
Developer: Universalis
Platform: Windows XP
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: French
Medicine: Yes

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