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Data: 21 Marzec 2011
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TitleMotion Pro For Edius 6 (2011/ENG)

TitleMotion Pro For Edius 6 (2011/ENG) | 508 MB

The TitleMotion Pro option transforms your current TitleMotion into an unbeatable titler with 3D text, effects and multi-layered compositor.The Pro option completes TitleMotion so the combination is not only the best titler on the market, but most importantly – the fastest titler on the market.

Fast, High Quality 3D Text - absolutely no other CG animates 3D text over time faster than TitleMotion Pro

- save time, deliver results Animated Textures on Text
- apply an animated .avi to the face, edge and/or side of your 2D and 3D text
- new creative possibilities that used to require additional expensive equipment 3D Animated Effects
- apply over 100 ready-to-use 3D effects such as page curls, shatters, flops, black hole and more to text, logos or graphic objects
- ignite productions with amazing effects Easy Kerning Over Time
- kern text over time with unique simple process designed to reduce effort
- more results, less hassle
Smart Templates
- only Inscriber offers the amazing ability to save an animation path directly into a template - spend time creating, not recreating New Templates
- 100+ new titling templates
- polish productions immediately 3D Text Styles
- 175+ 3D text styles - increase your creative options

Inscriber TitleMotion Pro is the award winning solution that video professionals around the world consistently choose to gain superb titling and graphics output. TitleMotion Pro is so popular simply because it provides all the creative tools you need to produce high quality titles at an exceptional price. Create titles tha actually enhance your productions.

Download TitleMotion Pro For Edius 6 (2011/ENG):

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