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Data: 20 Marzec 2011
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Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 with Language Level and Audio Companion Win/MacOSX

Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 with Language Level and Audio Companion Win/MacOSX | 41,2 Gb

Rosetta Stone includes many of the same features common to other language learning software products ? native-speaker audio, text, a voice recognition feature to aid in learning proper pronunciation etc. The software teaches the main four skills of language learning ? speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are a number of basic exercises that focus on a combination of skills such as reading and writing over listening and speaking or vice versa, or focus on just one of the skills.

Lannguage Pack:
1.Rosetta Stone English (American)
2.Rosetta Stone English (British)
3.Rosetta Stone German
4.Rosetta Stone French
5.Rosetta Stone Italian
6.Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain)
7.Rosetta Stone Korean
8.Rosetta Stone Greek
9.Rosetta Stone Dutch
10.Rosetta Stone Hindi
11.Rosetta Stone Portuguese (Brazil)
12.Rosetta Stone Arabic
13.Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)
14.Rosetta Stone Swedish
15Rosetta Stone Hebrew
16.Rosetta Stone Polish
17.Rosetta Stone Irish
18.Rosetta Stone Filipino (Tagalog)
19.Rosetta Stone Persian (Farsi)
20Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America)
21.Rosetta Stone Japanese
22.Rosetta Stone Russian


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