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ESI CFD Suite v2010.0

ESI CFD Suite v2010.0
2010 | ENG | 694 Mb

ESI Group is the pioneer in providing solution for mutiphysics modeling. ESI Group’s suite of simulation products offers unique capabilities to simulate multiphysics, multiscale, fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical phenomena. ESI Group has in-depth expertise in performing consulting and research and development projects in CFD for aeronautics, automotive, Fuel cells, Semiconductors etc.

Relying on this strong engineering knowledge, ESI Group and its network of subsidiaries provide advanced consulting services worldwide. For each project a team of highly skilled engineers will set up a full process to better analyze customer needs and offer the optimum solution according to the specified requirements. CFD has become an important component of the current CAE community. CFD saves time and money by running “what-if” scenarios on the computer which used to cost much more when done with physical prototypes. The CFD products, solutions and services offered by ESI Group enables engineers to gain insight about their projects from conception to completion thus making it the ideal choice for real world simulation solutions.

CFD-ACE+ Advanced CFD and Multiphysics Solver
CFD-ACE+ is the most Advanced CFD & Multiphysics software. It enables coupled simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical and mechanical phenomena. CFD-ACE+ is used by over 400 organizations worldwide, for a variety of applications in almost every industry.

To offer highest level of flexibility to their users, ESI Group has designed CFD-ACE+ to be very modular and expandable. It includes state-of-the-art numerical and physical models, and advanced pre- and post-processing modules. It supports all grid technologies including multi-block structured, general polyhedral unstructured, arbitrary interfaces, and moving and deforming grids. It also supports most of the commonly used CAD, CAE and EDA data formats. Furthermore, CFD-ACE+ works on most computer hardware/software systems. It is designed for parallel computing on high performance workstations and PC clusters.

CFD-ACE+ is offered as a base package that includes flow, heat transfer and turbulence. Other optional industry-specific packages are offered for biotechnology, plasma, semiconductor, MEMS, aerospace and fuel cells.

CFD-FASTRAN CFD Physics Solver
CFD-FASTRAN is the leading commercial CFD software for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic applications. It is specifically designed to support the aerospace industry. It employs state-of-the-art multiple moving body capability for simulating most complex aerospace problems including missile launch, maneuvering and staging, and aircraft flight dynamics and store separation. These challenging applications are enabled by coupling a density based compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes flow solver with moving multi-body dynamics, generalized finite rate chemistry and thermal non-equilibrium modules.

CFD-FASTRAN employs state-of-the-art numerical and physical models, and advanced pre- and post-processing modules. It supports all grid technologies including multi-block structured, general polyhedral unstructured, Chimera/overset and adaptive Cartesian. It supports most of the commonly used data formats. Furthermore, CFD-FASTRAN works on all computer hardware/software systems. It is designed for parallel computing on high performance workstations and PC clusters.

PAM-FLOW CFD Physics Solver
PAM-FLOW is an advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software product used to simulate unsteady flow phenomena present in a wide variety of industrial and research applications. The exceptional transient accuracy of PAM-FLOW permits the simulation of large-eddy or very large-eddy type simulations (LES) of unsteady and turbulent fluid flow phenomena.

The objective of the PAM-FLOW product is to provide an accurate CFD tool to carry out virtual testing and virtual prototyping solutions in industry at both the production level and in research and development. PAM-FLOW has applicability in many industries, including automotive and other ground transportation, rotating machinery, heavy machinery, aerospace and bio-medical. Some example applications are.

CFD-VisCART Cartesian Mesh Generator
CFD-VisCART is an adaptive Cartesian mesh generation system for use with the CFD-ACE+ and CFD-FASTRAN flow solvers. CFD-VisCART is ideally suited for extremely complex geometries such as underhood for automotive applications and full aircraft configurations for aerospace applications. Significant advantages of CFD-VisCART are its robustness and ease-of-use. It handles imperfect geometries with holes, overlaps and cracks. Furthermore, it offers solution-based adaptive mesh refinement for obtaining optimal mesh resolution.

The main features are:
Automated, easy to use and learn grid generation process based on wizard methodology
Mesh based geometry import from STL (Stereo Lithography), Plot3D, NASTRAN, FAST, and other formats
Geometry creation and editing capability
Anisotropic Cartesian Grids for optimal resolution in x, y, or z direction li>A specialized polyhedral boundary layer mesh of zero (stairstepped), one, or N layers to resolve viscous boundary layers is supported
Geometry and/or solution based adaptive mesh refinement.

CFD-GEOM Geometry Modeler and Mesh Generator
CFD-GEOM is ESI Group's state-of-the-art geometry and grid generation system. With an extensive set of geometry creation and manipulation, CAD import, and mesh generation capabilities, CFD-GEOM provides meshes for ESI Group's CFD solver packages CFD-ACE+ and CFD-FASTRAN. It can also be used with other CFD/FEA/CAE packages.

Its main capabilities include:
Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface with highly intuitive point & click operation
Extremely fast and efficient multi-block structured, unstructured, hybrid, and body-aligned polyhedral mesh generation
Numerous controls for specifying local mesh density and global grid quality
Automatic mesh updates after geometry or mesh modification
Unlimited undo/redo capability
Extensive geometry import capabilities via SAT, IGES, and other formats
Numerous tools for creating geometries from scratch and cleaning up dirty geometries imported from other CAD systems
Scripting and journaling
A unique feature of CFD-GEOM is the support for the scripting language Python. All geometry and mesh functionality is accessible from Python script language, enabling the end-user to create custom parametric script templates for his analysis case. The geometry/mesh templates can be used for automated parametric or optimization runs from SimManager.

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