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SDL Trados 2007 Suite Pro SP3

SDL Trados 2007 Suite Pro SP3 | 359 Mb

Year / Date of Release: 2007
Version: 2007 Build 863
Developer: SDL
Language: English
Medicine: Present

System Requirements:
Operating system Windows 2000/XP SP2 or later / Vista
• Processor Pentium Ž IV 1 GHz or higher or equivalent
• 512 MB ??RAM (recommended level of 1024 MB)
• 300 MB of free disk space
• Mouse or similar manipulator
• MS Office 2000 or newer
• Internet Explorer 6

SDL Trados 2007 SP 3 - the most stable version of all that I have met. Treated very simply, if you just follow the instructions in the txt file.
Trados system consists of modules designed to translate texts of different formats: from Microsoft Word, presentations, PowerPoint, HTML text and other metadata, documents, FrameMaker, InterLeaf etc.
The concept of Translation Memory involves identifying the translated text fragments, translations of which are already in a database of translations, and thus reducing the workload of an interpreter. Fragments of the left untranslated, passed on for manual processing interpreter. Translator at this stage can identify newly translated segments and write new pairs of parallel texts in two languages ??in the database. This scheme works best in case of similar texts, where the frequency of phrases is rather high, ie, in the case of different kinds of instructions for users, technical descriptions, etc.

What is in the package:
* Translator's Workbench - a module of a database of translation memory TM (creation, maintenance, import, export). Creating a document translation and editing are produced in separate modules.
* Trados Toolbar in Microsoft Word - Module for translating documents into Microsoft Word.
* TagEditor - module for translating documents in PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, XML, etc.
* WinAlign - a module for creating a translation memory based on previously translated bilingual texts.
* S-Tagger - module for translating documents in FrameMaker and InterLeaf.
* T-Window - module to convert text from the clipboard.
* SDLX - TM-tool to create and edit database TM, replenish it by comparing the parallel texts, carry out the analysis, segmentation and automatic translation of texts, to a custom multilingual glossary. Provides "fuzzy" search of fragments in the TM. Supported transfer "bidirectional" (inhomogeneous in the direction of writing) texts.
* Passolo - a dedicated solution for the localization-based translation of UI.
* SDL Trados Synergy - tool for managing the translation process. SDL Trados Synergy allows you to automate the process of translation projects and to centrally manage these projects.

SDL Trados 2007 Suite Pro SP3

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