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Data: 16 Marzec 2011
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Windows Embedded Standart 7 SP1 x86/x64 HDD/USB-HDD (2011/ENG/RUS)

Windows Embedded Standart 7 SP1 x86/x64 HDD/USB-HDD (2011/ENG/RUS) | 1.86 GB

Build on Windows Embedded Standart 7 SP1 with x86 and x64 for carriers HDD and USB-HDD from LBN.
System requirements:
CPU: 1 GHz or higher with architecture x86/x64
RAM: 512 MB or higher
HDD: 4-8 GB

VIDEO: DirectX 9 support and 128 MB of memory (for the theme Aero)
Differences from previous version:
- Added a Media Center, DVD Maker, and as sdedstvie it now has support for TV Tuner.
- Leaving the installer only Embedded, combined edition of 32 and 64 bit.
The overall size has grown because of MS 350 mb, but who tuner worth it. Made Designer Windows Embedded Standart 7 SP1 en-US crack is applied from the seven. Mainly for use on home PCs. system initially constructor sets the HDD, but also included components to install on USB-HDD and if you want you can install on USB-HDD. Despite the small size (x86 - 1 gb, x64 - 1,53 gb), the system has everything you need for gaming and work - Net.Framework 3.5, MS, Maker, IE 8.0, WMP11, scissors, all components of the CP and T . etc. Start the installation in English, the second half and exit to the desktop in Russian. In the future system USB-HDD can run on any computer. No files USB drivers and registry specifically for USB is not manually edited.

Missing components:
raspoznavnie speech and text, transfer options, other languages, basic Japanese for Office 2010 is. Of those only Aero and Classic, from music, only 5 pcs.

Disabled UAC, Restore, Error Reporting, defrag on a schedule, write messages to the log. Paging and hibernation in Embedded disabled initially. In normal use, turn on paging.

Gadgets, search, toys (in the designer they are not)

Install only under DOS from a CD.

Installation on HDD or USB-HDD:
Connect an external USB-HDD, but if you bet on the internal HDD simply insert the CD, reboot and choose through the BIOS startup with CD-ROM. Choose not to "Build an Image", and below the "Deploy an Answer File or WIM". Another window will open with a folder sources. It Vries specify the type of files - wim, and at the top select CD-ROM, and on it open the folder sources. Choose install.wim and presses Open. Pop up window in which editors select the 32 or 64 bit.Prinimaete license, choose language - all Russian, go to the window, select the drive. Specify the body section of the HDD, and if you bet on the external - select USB-HDD, or rather the main active partition on it, can detach and create one now. If you have one screw on the computer, it will be Disk 0 with partitions, and USB-HDD - Disk 1, Partition 1, System. formatting and start the installation. While in English. When you restart, if you are installing on an external USB-HDD, choose two more times starting with a USB-HDD to the exit to the desktop. The entire installation process, after formatting is not different from the usual seven and the second part of phase will be in Russian.

Download Windows Embedded Standart 7 SP1 x86/x64 HDD/USB-HDD (2011/ENG/RUS):

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