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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (2011/ENG) with SP1 COMPLETE CWz Installation Package

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (2011/ENG) with SP1 COMPLETE CWz Installation Package | 2.88 GB

Here is the long awaited Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit complete with newly released Service Pack 1. Also included in this .iso is the activation loader by Daz. As a bonus to make this a complete installation pack I have separately included the disc burning program ImgBurn. This is all that you need to install this latest version.

INCLUDED: ISO of this version and ImgBurn V

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 x64
Windows Loader by Daz V 1.9.5 for WIN & and WIN Server 2008
This is SP1 RTM (build 7601.17514.101119-1850)
File Type : .iso

ImgBurn V
A lightweight CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray burning application.
File Size : 5.25 MB

Installation Instructions
Installation of the Disc Burning Prog & Creating Your WIN 7 installaton Disc,Installation of WIN 7 Ultimate, Installation & Use of the Windows Loader to Activate.

1. Install ImgBurn on your system, or any working PC.

2. Place a New Blank DVD-R into your DVD Burning Drive. **Use only a New Blank DVD-R disc. NO DVD-RW's !!**

3. Open ImgBurn, and select [Write image file to disc].

4. Click the search icon (looks like a folder) where is says "Please select a file"

5. Open the folder where you have the downloaded file and select the WinZip File [GRMCULXFRER_EN-DVD].

6. Under the Heading "Settings" Click the drop down arrow, Set burn speed to x2, and burn to dvd.
There is no need to change any other settings as ImgBurn will automatically make this a
bootable disc.

7. Make sure that the "Verify" box is checked under the Heading "Destination". DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER SETTINGS !!!!

8. Then click the Silver Disc with the red stripe on it to start burning the DVD.

9. When disc burn has been completed, a small window will popup saying "Operation Successfully Completed!" and you will hear a little tune play.

10. Click OK, and then close ImgBurn. Your New WIN 7 Ultimate.x64. w/SP1 Disc is now ready for use.


11.Turn on the PC that you are installing this Operating System on and and at startup check the bootup sequence and adjust to boot 1st from DVD Drive.
(You can usually check/change the 1st boot by clicking either F2 or F10 when the Splash screen comes up.)

12. Place the DVD into the DVD Drive on your PC and reboot to begin the WIN 7 ultimate installation on your PC.

13. Follow the prompts,but when Windows asks for the Serial Key DONT ENTER ANY, and uncheck "Automatically activate Windows
when I'm online". Then just click [Next] and finish installing.

WINDOWS LOADER by Daz (Activator)

14. When Installation is complete. Go to "MY COMPUTER" and right click the drive containing your DVD, then click [Open]

15. A Window will popup that says DVD Drive "GRMCULXFRER_EN-DVD" and on that window you will select [Open folder to view files}

16. From the displayed list of files, click the folder [support], then click the folder [Crack], then click the folder [Windows Loader v.1.9.5.], then
click the folder[Windows Loader]. (Hiny : Its the one next to the green orb/circle]

17. When the window opens up you will see only 2 "Options" [Install]

18. Once the loader performs its work, then close it out and go to the control panel, click on the "System" icon, and verify that you now have a Validated
Copy of Windows. If this doesnt work, see the readme File in the same "Crack" folder for further installion instructions to resolve most all problems.

19. Run Updates and Enjoy !!

I personally tested the above ISO, Disc Burning Program, and installation method as described in the INSTALLATION README File (above) on 2/22/2011. It works 100% Perfect !! The machine that Im writing this document on is the machine that I just installed it on using the same EXACT directions. SO if it doesnt work for you and you followed the directions exactly as stated above, then something is wrong with your computer, not this software !

Download Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (2011/ENG) with SP1 COMPLETE CWz Installation Package:

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