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Autor: marsss
Data: 15 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Borderlands All DLC Done Pack (2011/MULTI2/ADDON)

Borderlands All DLC Done Pack (2011/MULTI2/ADDON)

PLATFORM: PC | Developer: Gearbox Software | Publisher: 2K Games | 4,32 Gb | Language: ENG/RUS |
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Pack of all (after-current) DLC for Borderlands. Full translation of the game from TTL C. Community and Reloaded, plus hand-editing all nepervedennyh elements that managed to find (such as location, achivki, etc.). In the distribution as the latest patch is required to run the game with DLC. Of the benefits - high quality translation and easy installation and automatic patch the game to new versions.

List of DLC:
# The Zombie Island of Dr Ned. Addon to the original Borderlands. In the original game adds new quests, weapons, locations and characters. We met with Dr. Ned (whose name is rendered in the title), which should help cure the town residents, Jakobs Cove from the virus, reversing the civilian population ... Of course, zombies.
# Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. Claptrap's New Robot Revolution invites fans of the single and cooperative play to take part in quelling the uprising klaptrapov on Pandora. The four characters will be in the inferno of civil war between forces vooruzhennymm Hyperion Corporation and lethal Army klaptrapov, the leader of which is an insidious Ninja Assassin. In the role of one of four hunters haven, players will have to forgive him for Hyperion Corporation (and it does not matter that they are constantly trying to erase characters from the earth), and fight with the master of kung fu Ninja Assassin.
# The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Gearbox Software continues to actively expand the planet Pandora to the Borderlands.
The third content pack for the game called The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and give four of bounty hunters hill exciting new missions that will perform on the space of "a truly massive levels" established for pokatushek by car.
In the arsenal of fighters expected a solid addition, hostile menagerie expand due to the giant robots,
spiders and anything else the size of a three-story house.
Designed the new portion of the content on fighters dorosshih at least until level 34.
# Mad Moxxis Underdome Riot. Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot suitable for single and cooperative transmission. Priplyusuet addition to the game world, three new arena mode Riot Mode, in which you want to deal with crowds brutally dangerous monsters, collecting their ammunition. As reported by MTV Multiplayer, the passage of only one of these locations may take up to six hours. In addition, the add-on that brings the game to increase the maximum limit on the number of stored items, as well as the ability to get two bonus points skill points as a prize for performing tasks that would provide additional opportunities for leveling.

Install and run:
Run setup.exe
Specify the path to the game and press install
Run the game from a shortcut

Download links:

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