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Data: 15 Marzec 2011
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EduMandriva Linux One 2010.1 (MULTi)

EduMandriva Linux One 2010.1 (MULTi) | 505

EduMandriva - the operating system GNU / Linux based on Mandriva Linux 2010 with a selection of educational software for teaching courses on computer science and ICT subjects in secondary, vocational and higher education establishments.
EduMandriva 2010 - LiveCD based on LXDE - this is when you insert a disk with the operating system and boot directly from it - all the changes and settings are entered in the RAM on your computer, not written to your hard drive! You can print, draw, etc. , Then save your work on a flash drive (downloaded directly from the Live CD), then turn the computer off and get the disc - and all. No changes to your hard drive and your set on it Windows will not.
Ability to work with Live CD and did without a hard drive in your computer. It will also install the system is not on the hard drive and a USB flash drive

The distribution:
File managers
- Midnight-Commander (mc) - FAR analog console.
- Support the format of RAR.
- Format Support 7ZIP and Russian coding in ZIP-archives.

Office applications
- AbiWord - a lightweight word processor resources from the package GnomeOffice.
- Gnumeric - low system requirements spreadsheets
- FoxIt Reader - a powerful and fast image viewer PDF.
- CuneiForm - OCR-system with a graphical user interface Yagf.
Bitmap and vector editors
- GIMP - bitmap graphics editor, the functionality is not inferior AdobePhotohop.
- Inkscape - A powerful vector graphics editor in the format of SVG + uniconvertor for working with files CorelDraw.
- Tuxpaint - A simple graphics editor for children and adults.

Work with sound, music and videos
- VLC - A popular multi-player.
Web / Internet
- Mozilla Firefox - one of the leading web browsers
- KompoZer - Easy to learn visual editor (WYSIWYG).
- VpnPPTP - software to work with MS VPN
- Mozilla Thunderbird - email client
- FreeBasic - The implementation of BASIC language to learn programming, compatible with MS QBasic.
- Free Pascal - Compiler Pascal and Object Pascal - as recommended Lazarus IDE or Geany.
- Geany - Simple IDE for FreePascal, C, C + +, etc. + Plug-ins.
- Scratch - Programming for children based on Logo.
- Kumir - algorithmic programming language.
- Hugs - A simplified version of Haskell

Typing tutor
- Klavaro - typing tutor in classical method.
Testing and distance learning
- ITest - Powerful client-server system of compiling and testing issues based on the results.
Dictionaries and Translators
- LightLang - the dictionary (similar Lingvo) with the possibility of an online translation of texts.

- GCompris - The learning environment for children 3-10 years.
- Remmina - RDP / VNC / NX - client
System Software
- Gparted - software for partitioning and managing partitions
- Livetoflash - Record LiveCD on USB stick


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