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Data: 15 Marzec 2011
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Megatech MegaCAD Profi Plus 2011

Megatech MegaCAD Profi Plus
2011 | 2.92GB

MegaCAD plus is the special version for all companies and designers to place alongside the basic CAD functionality, value for a supplemental, task-specific solutions for mechanical engineering. The professional version combines the powerful features of MegaCAD with special applications for mechanical design in a program. All modules are optimized to work together .. Consequently, investments in the configuration, implementation and management of the software are reduced.

The 4 dimensional freedom
Direct model, either parametric modeling (even partially or subsequently meaningful parts of parameterized), feature based modeling, sketch-based modeling.

2D and 3D program:
fully-fledged tool for independent 2D character design, 2D drawings are converted into 3D models and visualized, consistent operating philosophy (the 3D mode is based on the familiar 2D features), surfaces and volumes (hybrid) model.

CAD productivity increase through
comprehensive standard parts and standard parts library, standard parts than in any 3D model and 2D views, parts catalogs of all major suppliers such as Festo, Strack, create Hasco etc, complete screw connections interactively on the screen.

Presentation videos for professional product presentations, collision detection / determination of the maximum travel distance, dependent connections constrained

Technical calculations
Permanent and structural strength, bolted joints, shaft / hub connections, springs / gears, belt and chain transmission

Design of sheet metal enclosures
Production-oriented Faltkorperkonstruktion, automatic processing, variable radii, edges unravel automatically add, edit and straps

2D/3D interfaces (import and export):
IGES 5.0
STEP (AP 214)
STL (rapid prototyping)
VDA-FS (free-form surfaces)

Release Info:
Supplier ….. : Team CYGiSO
Release-Date …. : 2011-03-13
Cracker …… : Team CYGiSO
Program-Rating .. : 10/10
Price …….. : 8.270,50 Euro
Image Format …. : ISO
ProgramType .. : CAD
Program used …. : CDRWin

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