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Data: 15 Marzec 2011
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Merging Technologies Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.0.10 SP2 Build 11188

Merging Technologies Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.0.10 SP2 Build 11188
2011 | Windows | 200 MB

Pyramix is already acknowledged as the pro audio industry's most advanced digital audio workstation. It offers unsurpassed sonic quality and a level of flexibility proven by its suitability and acceptance in post production, multi-channel live music recording, broadcast radio and CD/DSD music mastering.

More info:
Merging Technologies has announced Version 7 of the Pyramix Virtual Studio digital audio workstation. Merging boasts that “Pyramix 7 achieves levels of productivity undreamt of previously, thanks to a reworked user interface, some indispensable additional features and a ground-up rebuild of the essential Media Management system.” Realization of these design goals is the result of many years of intensive design and development, offers the company.

New features abound: Multichannel tracks and new intuitive Track Headers with direct access to effects controls are included to enhance the Timeline. Automation curves are now colored for easier identification, and new Automation sub-tracks enable multiple parameters to be displayed simultaneously. A brand new Sample Rate Conversion module, HeptaCon, offers processing in 64-bit floating point with the latest filters and dithering algorithms.

Further, media management and Library databases have been completely rebuilt. Advanced integration with the SoundMiner FX library and search tool further enhances media handling. Now, MassCore SMP can manage multiple dedicated processor cores for lower latency and massive mixers.

The myriad of features include:
* Audio Format Support Includes WAV, BWF, OMF, AAF, PMF, RIFF64, AIF, SD2, MP3, DSDIFF, MXF.
* Project/Session Interchange Support for: OMF, AAF, XML, Final Cut XML, CMX-EDL, AES31, OpenTL, DAR, Akai DD-Series, Protools 5.x
* Digital I/O - Mix and Match AES-EBU, TDIF, SDIF, MADI, ADAT/SPDIF daughter cards
* Sample Rates of 32kHz to 384kHz plus DXD and DSD (1-bit 2.8MHz)
* MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability)
* Surround Sound Mixing
* VST multi-channel support
* Super Audio CD / DSD Support
* CD-R Mastering + CD Import
* CD Import and CD mastering to full Red Book standard
* CD Disk Write to full Red Book CD standard
* DDP Mastering
* POW-R Redithering
* Virtual Transport Server
* Sonic Import
* Apple (Final Cut Pro) XML Interchange
* Prosoniq MPEX3 Time/Pitch Scaling
* EQ-X, Extreme Definition Parametric EQ X (*) X X (*)
* Video / TC Synchronization
* Machine Control (Sony P2 Protocol, incl. Chase Synchroniser)
* Remote Control (Sony P2 + Midi Protocol)

Notes: This crack enables ALL features found inside the Pyramix software, giving the user the equivalent to having all the possible "packs" or "configurations" that one can buy (mastering, post, music, broadcast, DSD/DXD/SACD, even masscore functionality if you have the hardware). The only limitation is that when a feature calls upon hardware (like hooking into a hardware mixer or using hardware-accelerated processing), you would need relevant compatible hardware to use that feature.

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