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Data: 15 Marzec 2011
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AMS Software Pack (Update 13.03.2011)

AMS Software Pack (Update 13.03.2011) | 730 Mb

Package for processing photos is a set of fast and convenient program for editing and processing images. The set includes both known and time-tested software and the latest programs created over the past six months. This package has everything you need for working with photos, many problems can be solved here is much simpler and more convenient than other products.
The collection consists of a short list of 31 Unattended (silent installation) graphics software from AMS Software, collected in a single shell.

Features repacking:
- File-key integrated into the installer program is put immediately zaregennoy
- Changed in the installation path by default (so I am more comfortable):
- The program is put in the% ProgramFiles% \ AMS Soft \
- Start-Programs in a separate directory AMS Soft, there are separate directories for the program (type) in each of the labels on the program, help, deinstall, ..
- On the desktop a folder AMS Soft, inside label only on the program
- In the Quick Launch shortcut is not copied

Program List
Beauty Studio v.1.75
Frame Maker Pro NeRuss v.3.81
Framing Studio Pro v.2.81
Home Photo Studio NeRuss v.2.65
Photo Art Studio NeRuss v.2.91
Photo Collage Creator v.3.81
Photo Collage Maker NeRuss v.2.85
Photo Effects Studio NeRuss v.2.75
Photo Factory v.2.15
Photo Frames CS v.3.55
Photo Makeup Editor NeRuss v.1.45
Photo Slideshow Creator NeRuss v.2.57
Virtual Makeup v.2.55
Virtual Painter 2011
Generator v.3.51 Calendars
Design Calendar v.5.23
Home Photo Studio v.2.98
Master of Business Card v.2.98
Master Collages v.4.87
Master of Cards v.7.0
Master Effects v.4.97
Studio Effects v.2.85
Postcards Factory v.5.0
Photo Calendar 2011 X2
Photos of the documents Profi v.3.0
Photos of the documents Express v.2.61
Photo Effects (Photo Effects) v.2.75
FotoDEKOR v.5.15
Photo Collage v.3.21
The photo v.7.15
Slide Shows v.2.57


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