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MSDN Local Help Library for Microsoft Visual Studio (2010/ENG)

MSDN Local Help Library for Microsoft Visual Studio (2010/ENG) | 745 MB

The Help Library Manager (HLM) application lets you manage the product documentation in the local Microsoft Help Viewer content store. You can find and install new content from the Web or from media, go online to obtain updates for your offline content, and remove offline content. Help Library Manager also manages settings that let you customize your help experience.
[left]Finding new content online and checking for updates to Microsoft content require a connection to the Internet. Help Library Manager uses the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to download content for installation. If this service is not running on your computer, these features will not work. The HLM BITS jobs run with normal priority. If other BITS jobs are running on your computer, this may cause a delay in help content downloads. If HLM is started using the "Run as" feature, BITS will not be able to schedule jobs because the service is available only to the logged on user ***. To work around this issue, open HLM with the user *** that is currently logged on.

When performing potentially long running actions, such as downloading and installing content from the Web, you can click the "Hide" button to minimize the application while the installation is in progress. When the installation is complete, the application window will return to normal size. You can view previously installed offline or online content while content is being installed for offline use.

If Help Library Manager updates local content when the Microsoft Help Agent tray application is running, you should exit and restart the Microsoft Help Agent application after updates are complete. To exit the application, right-click the tray icon to view the shortcut menu and then click "Exit". The tray application will automatically restart the next time that you access documentation.

After you install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010,
you should copy the content of HelpLibrary.7Z to:
in Windows 7:
(if you coldn't see, follow Start Menu -> type and press enter)

in Windows XP or Vista:
I don't know! Look for a folder,named HelpLibrary!
(probably you can acess to that by following the Start menu -> RUN -> )

Now Open Visual Studio 2010 and follow:
Help => Mannage Help Settings

if you see a window, whitch contains:
O I want to use online help
O I want to use local help
choose second one!
you probably see a window, witch contains 5 options
select "Install Content disk"
browse the path: C:\ProgramData\MIcrosoft\Help Library\VS_100_en_US\ and select the file: HelpContentSetup.msha
(as I had said, the path may be different in each version of windowses)
Click Next
...and you've done!

Download MSDN Local Help Library for Microsoft Visual Studio (2010/ENG):

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