Autor: champosta
Data: 13 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Opera AC Unofficial SFX 11.10 2020 alpha x86 (2011ML)

Opera AC Unofficial SFX 11.10 2020 alpha x86 (2011ML) | 21,02 Mb

The latest system uses is made on the basis of all known browser Opera. This update is based on Opera AC and the original browser 11. In the assembly built a lot of useful and necessary tools to facilitate the display of graphics, downloads, stores visited websites and many other functions. Using this assembly, you will feel all the charm of both the browser Opera, and use the best and most appropriate resources on the Internet. In the assembly placed many possibilities, some third-party utilities, and the browser is configured as comfortably as possible for the average user.

1. Kernel upgrade to version 11.10.2020 alpha.
2. Redesigned program run OperaLauncher.exe with the settings to speed up the browser (still in testing phase)
3. Installed utility bill or bank module for involuntary discharge from the memory opera.exe. This module is designed to fix the problem when there is an inscription that Opera is already running, even though the browser is disabled.
4. Browser interface by default is given to classic form.
5. Fixed problem with running Opera home page by default. (To make to change your browser settings did not react).
6. "Silent Installation"

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