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Autor: severvel
Data: 12 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

FrameForge Previz Studio v3.0.1 Build 14

FrameForge Previz Studio v3.0.1 Build 14 | 256 MB

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 allows you to create a virtual three-dimensional scene on your computer with the ability to freely place the virtual camera (with a physically accurate parameters and with the possibility of installation on cranes, trucks), a virtual world, virtual actors (with a choice of poses, facial expressions, clothing, accessories) and the many available sets.
After all the scenes can be written in the storyboard and print or in the form of graphic / video files.

Extras. Information:
Back in 2003, the company Innoventive Software LLC introduced the world its first version of a computer pre-visualization - FrameForge 3D Studio for Mac and Windows.

The first version allows you to use a ready base 3D "actors" and "props" to create space, and based on physical data of optics, to see just such a field of view camera, which will be on the set.

In addition, the program had a nice feature of smart opportunities "for 3D actors and props. Thus, if an actor to bring him close to his chair, he sat on it automatically, or if you bring the book to the actor, he took her hand. Such pre-simulated circuit, makes it much easier the process of placing actors in the scene.

Some kind of interface and the slow work of the program, however, does not stop experts Storyboard (storyboard artists), and the program for a short time has become the de facto standard in the industry to pre-visualization.

In 2006, the world saw the second version of the program (FrameForge 3D Studio 2), which may increase the performance has brought such useful features like click-and-drag the control facilities and the camera, emotional expressions of actors, mapping the depth of field, dramatically (GR IP / DOF), the automatic generation of transition between keyframes frames (tweeing), and several new options for rendering, allowing stylized images under pencil drawing or animation.

In addition, the company has released several additional extensions (expansion packs), with a set of ready actors and props, which significantly expand the scope of the program without having to resort to import models from third-party 3D modeling package.

The latest and current version is now published in 2009, and except for changing the name, in comparison with its predecessors, was of a large number of innovations and changes. Below we consider them in details.

Information: All released before further expansion (Emergency Response, Crime & Justice, Military, Stock Sets Expansion), also became available for the new version of the program.

Whats new in PREVIZ STUDIO 3:

At this time, each user can choose to buy him the necessary functionality, and do not pay for unnecessary him the opportunity. As many as three versions - Core ($ 399), Pro ($ 599), Stereo 3D ($ 899) are available for purchase on the site.

In all versions, added lighting and shadows in real time, 12 rendering styles (total 14), the ability to import objects from Google SketchUp, new base facilities. In addition, in the direction of simplification was redesigned interface and added the possibility of making adjustments in posture and facial expressions of the actors directly on the site, without invoking a separate window (Green Room).

In versions of Pro, and Stereo 3D, the programs authors were able to please the user with useful things like virtual shooting equipment - cranes, dollies, tripods, lighting.

Size does matter. It is this phrase, now fits the description of a new "chips". The new version of the program became possible arrangement not only the characters and cameras, but each and every element of shooting at the site. You can easily see how the shadows will be based on one or another light source, you can check if it will put off the premises and it is possible to make a pan, so that no shooting equipment did not get the shot or not was hurt while driving (a special feature Camera Collision Checking following this). Take a virtual camera and equipment finally found his real embodiment in the virtual world program.

Version Stereo 3D, besides the functional, which presented a version of Pro, had the opportunity to drawing storyboards for a stereo-3D shooting and scenes in anaglyph glasses directly on a computer screen or on paper after printing to the printer. Now, each director is able to determine which elements, and how he wants to submit in the future, stereo-3D movie.

System requirements:
- Dual-Core processor or better.
- Graphics card with hardware accelerated Open GL and at least 128 Mb Discrete VRAM.
- 500 Mb of free space on your hard drive
- 1 Gb RAM
- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Version: 3.0.1 Build 14
Developer: Innoventive Software
Bit depth: 32bit
Language: Multi
Medicine: Present

Download (Filesonic)

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