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Data: 10 Marzec 2011
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3D-Coat 3.5.14 CUDA/SIMP x64

3D-Coat 3.5.14 x64 CUDA/SIMP
2011 | ENG | 248.83 MB

3D-Coat 3 - handy and useful program from the company Pilgway Studio for texturing and detail 3D.Company Pilgway Studio, owned by Ukrainian developer, continues to refine its program 3D-Coat 3.0, which is a convenient and useful tool for texturing and detail of 3D- Objects created for 3D-artists and designers, and focused primarily on game development.

What's new in 3D-Coat version 3?
• Voxel skultping - allows any form without any topological constraints as well as create intricate details "out of nothing"! You can change the topology as you wish. This approach makes complete sense of freedom during the virtual sculpting - sculpting. It is not based on the change in the shape of the surface, and on the construction and filling volume (volume pixel = voxel). Feel like a real artist, do not hesitate about polygons and structure, simply expressing himself as a true creative artist!
• Per-pixel painting - quick and accurate approach to coloring. Allows you to layering painting and drawing maps of displacement (displacement painting) on a low-polygon and high polygon objects without distorting the original geometry. With this method you can draw a texture map directly at the site, which is ideal for the constituent elements in low-polygonal games. As a guide you can use the imported map normals.
• Improved tools retopologizatsii. New Tool Cap (Cap) allows to fill the holes and finish retopologiyu tails or toes with just one click!
• Improved interface. We present a new professional, flexible, customizable interface. The program window is divided into several separate working spaces (rooms). Each room has their own set of shortcut keys and attached panel. Also, you can easily maintain their own
interfeysa.Vy layouts can easily maintain their own preferences.
• Improved UV-mapping tools. You can move, rotate and scale the individual ŤUV-islands", automatically or manually to UV-layout.
• Ability to render scenes with smoothing, adjusting depth of field (focus), global illumination (using ambient occlusion), and soft shadows.
• Adjustable background scenes, as which can be used gradient fill, image (including - panoramic). Picture-sample can be attached to any axis.

3D-Coat 3.5.14 x64 CUDA
3D-Coat 3.5.14 x64 SIMP

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