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Data: 10 Marzec 2011
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Aquaveo SMS v10.1.10

Aquaveo SMS v10.1.10
2011 | ENG | 305 MB

SMS is the premier solution for efficiently managing the entire surface water modeling process: from importing topographic and hydraulic data to visualizing and analyzing solutions. SMS interfaces with a wide range of numerical models for applications including river flow analysis, contaminant transport, sediment transport, particle tracking, rural & urban flooding, estuarine, coastal circulation, inlet and wave modeling.

SMS provides tools for many types of hydraulic modeling scenarios including river hydrodynamics, contaminant and sediment transport, rural and urban flooding, estuary and inlet modeling, coastal circulation and wave modeling. SMS supports a number of 2D finite-difference and finite-element models including RMA2/RMA4, FESWMS, TUFLOW, ADCIRC, CMS Flow, CMS Wave, STWAVE, CGWAVE, and BOUSS2-D

River Hydraulics
? Perform 2D hydrodynamic modeling of river systems, with RMA2 and FESWMS
? Use the advanced, numerically stable TUFLOW model for all aspects of river modeling and urban flooding

? model dynamic boundary conditions for tidal areas, inlets estuaries harbors, etc. using RMA2, FESWMS CMS Flow, TUFLOW or ADCIRC
? Use ADCIRC to model ocean Circulation including tidal constituent, wave and wind forcing, as well as harmonic analysis

Wave Modeling
? Perform near-shore wave transformation modeling with CMS Wave or STWAVE
? model propagation and transformation of waves in coastal regions and harbors including effects of refraction, diffraction, reflections with CGWAVE and BOUSS-2D

Urban Flooding
? Simulate rural or urban flooding and coastal storm tide inundation with TUFLOW

Contaminant Transport
? Simulate salinity or contaminant transport (advection/diffusion) with RMA4

Sediment Transport
? model non-cohesive sediment transport with FESWMS and CMS Flow

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