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Autor: champosta
Data: 9 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

AKVIS Magnifier 4.0.825.7460 ML (Business License)

AKVIS Magnifier 4.0.825.7460 ML (Business License) | 19,01 Mb

AKVIS Magnifier - a program for resizing digital images without losing quality. With the help of AKVIS Magnifier can not only reduce the image to put it on the Web or send to friends. Magnifier allows you to see a larger picture quality from a small picture. The program provides an increase in image dozens of times with no artifacts or ghosting! Resize Image, Magnifier restores border and parts, is struggling with jpg-artifacts. The maximum size is obtained using the image 30 thousand pixels in width / height, ie the maximum possible image is 900 000 000 px.

When resizing images in most programs use the most simple interpolation algorithms. To reduce the pictures they are sufficient, since in the resulting image contains much less information. If you want to enlarge a photo, and even many times, you will surely run into the problem of quality loss. Conventional algorithms can not cope with this challenge, and even Photoshop are powerless.


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