Autor: tanya-j
Data: 3 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

FXPHD-NUKE203 Nuke and Stereoscopic

FXPHD-NUKE203 Nuke and Stereoscopic | 4.02 GB

Intro to stereoscopic workflow in Nuke. Review of anaglyph, polarized, and shutter glasses. Multiview workflow, going through the view menus, building a custom anaglyph node, and putting together your first stereo composite.In class 2 we look at the use of multiview with 9 cameras. We explore stereoscopic playback options with Framecycler Pro and Stereoscopic Player. Lastly we repair a locked off plate and prep it for VFX work in stereo.Creating stereo gizmos to help with work flow and an examination of the levels of depth, with and addendum update concerning DepthGrade version 3.0.

In class 04 we look at the Foundry's Ocula. We examine different reasons for Ocula from camera rigs and the use of converging stereoscopic techniques. We then use Ocula's tool set to fix a live action shot and get it ready for final post.

In class 06 we start working on our multi class big money shot. In this class we look at the animatic and the live action shooting of the plate. Then we get the plate ready for tracking.

In class 07 we expand on the shot and composite our CG car and address multiview composites with some simple roto. We learn how to break the 3D frame with great stereoscopic effects

In class 08 we add the spaceship and pylons. We also take a look at how to fix some breaking frame issues that arise from the composite.

In class 09 we add fire, smoke, and interactive lighting to the comp. We also add more debris and fix some stereo issues with the renders.

In class 10 we plus the shot to the next level. We add glows to the brake lights, animate the ship's thrusters, and add some 2d green screen in 3D.

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