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Data: 1 Marzec 2011
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SIGERTOOLS V-Ray Studio Setup Pro v.1.1.2

SIGERTOOLS V-Ray Studio Setup Pro v.1.1.2 | 40,86 Mb

SIGERTOOLS V-Ray Studio Setup Pro v.1.1.2 is a plugin for automating studio lighting setups for use with the Autodesk™ 3ds Max™ and V-Ray™ rendering engine.

- Live creation of Studio Setups.
- Quick access to all of the items properties.
- Completely customizeable generated Backdrops and Base Walls (length* height* width* color* etc.).
- Completely customizeable generated Softboxes (light parameters* shape* length* width* etc.).
- Completely customizeable generated Reflectors (color* shape* length* width* etc.).
- Pre-built studio lighting and camera setups.
- Adapts V-Ray settings depending on choosen resolution.
- Switch between Low and Production settings in one click.
- User rendering Presets Manager / Editor.
- Compatible with 3ds Max 2010* 2011.
- Compatible with V-Ray 2.0
- Friendly and simple interface

The product is compatible with 3ds max 2010 - 2011 | V-Ray 2.0 | 32 and 64 bit.

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