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Vray Advanced 2.00.02 For 3DS 2011 x86/x64

Vray Advanced 2.00.02 For 3DS 2011 x86/x64
2011 | English | 522 MB

V-Ray 2.0 - a new, second , the most popular version of the visualization module for 3ds max. VRay 2.0 innovations are integrated engine for interactive rendering VRayRT (like CPU, or GPU), additional items for more than a convenient post-processing of images, the possibility of adding the dispersion and light effects Glow and Glare, etc. Also, the new version fixes the order of 30 previously identified mistakes and pretty much optimized engine calculating global illumination.

Program Title: V-Ray
Year: 2010
Software version: 2.00.02
Developer: Chaos Software
Platform: Windows x32/x64
Language: English

System requirements:
* Microsoft ÂŽ Windows ÂŽ 7 Professional (32 - or 64-bit)
* Microsoft ÂŽ Windows Vista ÂŽ Business (SP2 or higher) (32 - or 64-bit)
* Microsoft ÂŽ Windows ÂŽ XP Professional (SP2 or higher) (32 - or 64-bit)
* Autodesk ÂŽ 3ds Max ÂŽ version 9.0 or later

Core architecture:
* Multi-platform object-oriented API
* Fully multithreaded core
* Unified sampling system based on Schlick sampling
* Distributed rendering
* Efficient shading system specifically optimized for ray-tracing
* Modular architecture - many components of the system can be replaced with custom ones

* Efficient geometry handling
* True instance rendering
* On-demand dynamic geometry creation
* On-demand geometry loading from disk files
* Displacement mapping
* Catmull-Clark and Loop subdivision surfaces
* Extensible with custom geometric primitives through the V-Ray SDK

Image sampling:
* Three different image sampling methods
* Full-scene antialiasing
* Progressive path tracing
* Support for additional render elements (diffuse, reflection, GI etc)
* Advanced color (tone) mapping controls
* Extensible with custom image samplers through the V-Ray SDK

* Physically accurate full global illumination solutions
* Different GI algorithms: path tracing, irradiance cache, photon maps, light cache
* Reusable GI solutions for accelerated rendering of walk-through animations and animations with dynamic objects
* Physically accurate area lights
* Efficient illumination from HDR environments
* Procedural sun & sky models
* Extensible with custom lights through the V-Ray SDK
* IES photometric lights

* Physically plausible materials
* Blurry reflections / refractions
* Accurate hilights
* Sub-surface scattering
* Support for efficient material layering
* Extensible with custom shaders through the V-Ray SDK

Camera effects:
* Depth-of-field with bokeh effects
* Accurate motion blur
* Physical camera model
* Extensible with custom cameras through the V-Ray SDK

* Toon effect
* Fur generator / raytracer
* Extended matte / shadow capabilities
* Support for Render-to-Texture mode of 3ds Max
* VRaySphereFade to isolate only specific portions of the scene for compositing

Frame buffer:
* V-Ray specific frame buffer with integrated color corrections and display of multiple rendering elements
* Direct rendering to disk for extremely large images, either as OpenEXR files or as. Vrimg files

Fixed in version V-Ray 2.00.02:
* VRayLights could render differently (brighter) from V-Ray 1.5
* V-Ray RT: Right-clicking in the ActiveShade window to bring the quad menu could crash 3ds Max;
* Img2tiledexr would crash if it could not write the result due to permissions;
* Fixed noise with VRayBPTracer;
* Crash with VRayIES lights and VRayBPTracer;

Vray Advanced 2.00.02 For 3DS 2011 x86/x64

Vray Advanced 2.00.02 For 3DS 2011 x86/x64

Vray Advanced 2.00.02 For 3DS 2011 x86/x64

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