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Data: 24 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Digital Juice - Motion Designer's Toolkit 6

Digital Juice - Motion Designer's Toolkit 6 (AE projects)
2010 | ENG | 1.40 Gb

Motion Designer's Toolkit 6 explodes onto the urban landscape. Pushing the Motions Designer's Toolkit line ever closer to the edge, Digital Juice breaks new ground with two brand new packages of gritty, grunge-soaked urban animated elements in the form of Motion Designer's Toolkits 6.

These 1 Volumes of jittery, artistic, roughly-hewn animations took a team of over 40 different artists from a wide variety of artistic fields - pencil and tablet sketchers, vector design pros, traditional fine artists and a dedicated crew of animators - well over 8 months to hammer out and whittle down to the collections you see before you.

But these collections are more than just a collection of stylized elements. More than ever, we created these animations to be a useful and ongoing resource for your production work for years to come. Whether it's rough framing elements or background textures, revealing paint strokes in different weights and styles or jagged edges with a character that adds a rough and ready look to an over-polished shot -- almost every element is offered as both a ready-to-use prerendered animation AND a customizable After Effects project file. So go ahead, build your own vision of the future imperfect, or evoke the decadence and decay of a bygone era -- or maybe, just have a little fun playing in the dirt.

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