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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 22 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

3DVIA Composer 6R2011x HF2 Build

3DVIA Composer 6R2011x HF2 Build
2011 | Multi | 952 MB

Professional solution designed for creating interactive tutorials, presentations and technical illustrations based on a 3-dimensional model of a product that by supporting a wide range of file formats, allows you to work with the product as a whole, even if it was created in different CAD-systems.

About Dassault Systemes S.A.
Created in 1981, the company Dassault Systemes SA - Currently occupies a leading position in 3D-technology and solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (Product Lifecycle Management - PLM), the company offers software applications and services that enable businesses of any size and any industry to create digital definition and simulations of products as well as processes and resources, it is required to for their manufacture, maintenance and reutilization, while ensuring environmental protection. Since its inception, the company Dassault Systemes assists clients in various industries to optimize the processes of design and product development. Originally intended for the design of complex shapes, 3D-technology has made possible the development and manufacture of products using digital electronic designs. Today, Dassault Systemes antiCENZURAtes the industrial processes of the future, offering solutions that allow you to see in three dimensions the entire product lifecycle, from creation to maintenance, including the stage of manufacture and commissioning.
The main product is a package of CATIA (CAx-application). In the company's portfolio also includes products ENOVIA, SMARTEAM, DELMIA, SolidWorks, SIMULIA, ACIS and Dymola, and eMatrix.

About 3DVIA Composer
3DVIA Composer allows you to quickly update and transform the existing 3D-design data into high-quality reporting documents, including texts, technical illustrations, animations and interactive 3D-experiments.
Due to the potential of 3D-technology, you will provide customers, partners and colleagues, more clear and understandable information about products, significantly enhancing their ability to absorb complex data.
3DVIA Composer allows you to create reporting documents as at earlier stages of design, thereby expediting the release of new products to market and reducing the costs associated with making changes.
It is simple to use application is a perfect addition to the usual tools Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML.

The solution 3DVia Composer:
- 3DVia Composer
The base module that provides an interactive design and technical documentation on the basis of design CAD-models of products. 3DVia Composer is designed specifically for developers of technical documentation and does not require special skills and knowledge in the application of CAD / CAM / CAE-systems. Visual and intuitive user interface provides the convenience and high performance work with graphic and text objects, their properties and performance. All these parameters can be stored in a library of styles for reuse in new projects. Interactive animation (the processes of assembly / disassembly, maintenance and repair, the demonstration model of a product from different angles, annotations and explanatory graphics), high-quality vector graphics (SVG, CGM), and technical illustrations (callout types, specifications) can be created extremely quickly and easily.

- 3DVia Player
Free utility for viewing projects 3DVia Composer. This utility is built into interactive tutorials 3DVia Composer (EXE-files) that allows you to view these documents on any computer without special software. 3DVia Player provides the OLE-objects are embedded in the standard documents of Microsoft Office, System PDM (such as ENOVIA SmarTeam) and web-pages to stop.
- 3DVia Safe
This module is designed to control access rights to the online documentation created using 3DVia Composer (view, print, display items, the quality / accuracy of the model, etc.) and provides reliable protection of intellectual property of the company.
- 3DVia Sync and 3DVia Sync Integration
Modules provide the synchronization and automatic updating of geometry, metadata and specifications when the original CAD-models of products.
- 3DVia Path Planning and 3DVia Check
Modules enable automated creation of a sequence of assembly / disassembly of assemblies and mechanisms to control the collision

3DVIA Composer V6R2011x provides several new features and enhancements that bring a new level of transfer of technical information about products:

Global collaborative innovation
- Codes in Unicode
The most realistic interaction
- Surround Light
- Per pixel lighting
- Depth of field
- Alpha channels
Lower cost of ownership
- Depth profile rendering
- Customized highlights
- The method of silhouette
- Customized compass

All of these corrections are present on the HotFix

- Moving 2D multiple images with Translate command results in strange movement
- SMG generation fails with CATPart with symmetrized PartBody
- Composer / Player: "Save As" does not open the new SMG file
- User Properties string is truncated if there is a space character in CATIA Parameters
- Composer / Composer Player V6R2011x HF1 crashes exiting application on Windows July 1932-bit
- Composer / Sync: Crash occurs in 3DVIA Composer during conversion ProE data
- Composer: Overlapping silhouette edges of cylindrical parts do not display in viewport
- Some subproducts cannot be load in a big assembly
- 2D text and Label does not display text properly.
- Application paths are dissapearing randomly

Title: DSS 3DVIA Composer
Version: 6R2011x HF2 build
Language: multilingual
Operating System: Window XP/Vista/Seven

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