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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 19 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Serif PhotoPlus X4 v Portable

Serif PhotoPlus X4 v Portable
2011 | ENG | 312.0 Mb

Serif PhotoPlus - professional software solution for editing digital photos. This program allows you to work with photos and other graphic files on a professional basis. PhotoPlus will help to correct and improve the quality of digital photos, reduce or enlarge their size, brightness, contrast, color saturation, and more.

Regardless of what you want done with your photos - remove scratches from portrait photography, photos, or adjust the exposure levels of color, retouch old photos, documents to import Adobe Photoshop, or apply effects to digital photos - PhotoPlus all you need to achieve high-quality results.
At PhotoPlus X3 has a new studio for processing RAW images, the new studio to prepare photos for printing, adds support for editing 48-bit images, support for Microsoft HD Photo, and many other innovations and improvements related to the processing of images and more flexible use of the program.

"Red-Eye Correction, cropping, adjusting sharpness, and image processing
"Improved color balance, brightness and contrast of images
"Creating a stylish black-and-white photos
"Removal of lesions, scars and other distortions in the photographs
"Correction of definition of eyes and white teeth
"Changing the image size while preserving quality and clarity of pictures
"Adjustment of black, white and different levels of color quality results
"Manual correction of images using the built-in tools
"Further adjustment of images using levels and curves
"Odnoklikovoe fix for fast photo correction with the aid of Contrast and AvtoUrovney
"Instant creation of creative works with the built-in presets styles
"Save your settings as presets for future use
"Adding special effects to images
"Paint with Artistic Brushes
"Painting shapes and text
"Open, edit and save animated GIF files
"Adding a stunning transition effects
"The use of different images or adding text to images for an animated web graphics
"The organization of images into albums
"Tagging images for categorization
"Sorting images by date, keyword, and size
"Printing and sharing images
"Creating a slideshow of photos
"Open, edit and export images in Photoshop PSD format
"Using Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-in effects
"Editing the popular file formats
"Opening RAW files from over 300 models of digital cameras
"Fully customizable program interface

New features:
"Processing RAW images
"Creating HDR images
"Support for images with high color (48 bit)
"New effects, such as the effects of a realistic metal and glass
"Support for Microsoft HD Photo

Key new features and benefits:
ťRaw image processing - process and fix Raw images from digital cameras at the highest quality using the Raw Photo Studio
ťHigh Dynamic Range imaging - combine shots with different exposures for stunning HDR photos
ťHigh Colour Images - work with 48-bit colour photos for the highest quality results
ťQuick and easy image correction and enhancement with the addition of more Studios
ťNew effects such as realistic metal and glass effects add subtle reflections to create eye-catching special effects
ťMicrosoft HD Photo support - open and save in this new format which offers significantly better compression efficiency

Serif PhotoPlus X4 v Portable

Information about the program:
Year: 2011
Language: english
Operating system: Windows Ž 2000/XP/Vista/7
Medicine: not required (portable)
Page Program:
File Size: 312.0 Mb

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