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Data: 19 Luty 2011
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TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 KONTAKT PROPER (2011)

TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 KONTAKT PROPER - BX8
2011 | Eng | 4.00 GB

An entire percussion ensamble at your fingertips. Virtual Drumline™ has made its mark as the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Composers, percussionists, studio musicians, and educators alike will discover a sonic onslaught of variety in Virtual Drumline, featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard.

Using Virtual Drumline along with your favorite music composition software will arm you with an enormous palette of percussive possibilities.
Virtual Drumline is not just about marching drums. Its huge collection of orchestral, world, effect, drumset, rhythm section, and drumline instruments are programmed with virtually any articulations and playing techniques imaginable. Enhanced multi-sampled velocity layers, attack/release and EQ control, multiple mallet selections, rolls, glissandi, solos and ensembles, and automatic RH/LH alternations are but a few of the powerful features programmed
into the VDL instrument collection.

The entire VDL library integrates seamlessly into Native Instruments' powerful Kontakt Player 2 (included). There is no need to purchase a separate sampler program. This player is capable of loading up to 64 channels of MIDI in stand-alone mode or can be run as a VSTi, AU, DXi, or RTAS plug-in within various music applications. It is a Universal application compatible with Intel/G5 Macs or Windows and will incorporate seamlessly into Sibelius 5 or Finale 2007, which both come with built-in support for Kontakt Player 2.

Since Finale 2009 ships included with a small sub-set of instruments from VDL, you may have already tapped into what it sounds like. There's a whole lot more to be found in the full version of VDL 2.5, though. Click here to see how the full version of VDL compares to what comes with Finale 2009.

System Requirements
5 GB of free hard disk space
RAM: 1 GB or more recommended
PC users - Windows XP (required by Kontakt Player 2)
PC users - Pentium 4 or Athlon 2.4 GHz or higher recommended
Macintosh users - OS X 10.4 or higher (required by Kontakt Player 2)
Macintosh users - Mac-Intel or PowerPC G5 recommended
Notation or sequencing software to control sounds
MIDI keyboard recommended for note input COMPATIBILITY
Stand-alone mode on Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4+
Plug-in formats (VSTi™, Audio Units™, DXi™, RTAS™)
Audio driver formats (ASIO™, DirectSound™, MME™, Core Audio™)

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