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Data: 18 Luty 2011
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CSI CS-Statik v2011 (01.2011) Multi

CSI CS-Statik v2011
Januar 2011 | Multilingual | 180 Mb

The generation of the CS-STATIK 2010 is characterized by a complete integration of all the structural engineering necessary tools into a single interface - from single-span beam to space station crew on the current set of standards.

One in structural engineering unprecedented control of data provides the permanent representation of the input systems and results than two-and three-dimensional visualization.

The interactive display of results within the program interface provides you with every part you want results. With each change to the system, the calculations in real-time re-created and updated. The spatial representation, such as a deformed by bending or torsion of a steel beam system shows at a glance a complete system control.

By modular program system CS STATIK 2010 you create Komplett statics of multiple single positions which can be linked by automatic load underwritten or using freely definable variables together. The project organization and the program and data management is taken over by the Integrated Project Manager.

CS-iDOC as an extension to the CS-STATIK 2010 provides an efficient means many new job opportunities. Create any evidence directly in the program, calculate equations, and tables automatically, define formulas and integrated load combination for any static positions.

By using Microsoft Word in addition to all the functions of text processing. To create an auditable statics is created via the Project Center from any number of individual items on mouse click a complete document title page, item overview, drawing supplementary items, item text, sheet, and closing. The layout of the outcome documents based on user-customizable design templates.

CSI CS-Statik v2011 (01.2011) Multi

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