Autor: tanya-j
Data: 15 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2 (2011)

Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2 | 180 GB

ArKaos GrandVJ tool for live video performances, which allows visual artists to manage, mix and manipulate video clips, animations or live cameras in order to create amazing video shows at clubs or other activities. GrandVJ is an extremely powerful tool designed to meet the needs of both beginners and professional VJs and all who are interested in tools for working with real-time video authoring.

GrandVJ not only retains the same layout as the ArKaos, which became a trademark, but also introduces a new mode of video mixer that supports a mix of eight layers of video. The new regime makes sequential mixing between layers much easier. He makes GrandVJ suitable not only for creating an even greater number of styles, but also to work with video in normal mode. Both regimes have been developed with an emphasis on ease of use, providing access to a mix of all parameters in real time, even without using the mouse.

GrandVJ easily customized to the preferences of each user. The interface can be quickly modified to suit individual needs and preferences. Setting the MIDI controllers can be made in a new mode of learning midi ťor imported from the presets.

To mix, as will be supplied to update the library of effects and a large set of automated video generators. GrandVJ supports a large number of popular video and photo formats, Flash text and animations. As well as working with multiple cameras.

* Real Time Access to all mixing parameters
* Intuitive customizable user interface
* Support for MIDI controllers
* Support for multi-camera
* Automated videogeneratory
* Quality control of image output
* Updated effects library
* Support for a wide range of formats, video / image: mov, avi, wmv, jpg, bmp, flv
* Ability to work with text
* Support for multiple live-cameras

New features in version 1.2:
* Support for Quartz Composer. Qtz files as Sources and Effects (Mac OS X only)
* Enhanced graphics engine allows up to 60FPS playback without frame drop and supports Frameblending
* Enhanced Soft-Edge algorythm with live control on the parameters while in full screen
* Bidirectional communication with controllers supporting generic MIDI feedback
* Support for the Akai APC40 through a custom MIDI driver with feedback
* Support for movie's audio through FFMpeg (supports most formats)
* Support for Actionscrip3 in Flash animations and Flash Texts
* Support for Bonjour in OSC for easy connection between OSC controllers and GrandVJ
* Cell based layer assignment
* Mixer state saving across sessions for locked parameters
* New master blackout button
* New "Fit To Screen" option for full screen on PC
* Vertical / horizontal position presets for TripleHead2Go

Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2 (2011)

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