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Data: 15 Luty 2011
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Steinberg XPhraze + (Update 1.2, All Xpansions, Video Tutorial)

Steinberg XPhraze + (Update 1.2,All Xpansions,Video Tutorial)
2011 | ENG | 2 GB

Create chord patterns, riffs, bass lines, effects, arpeggios, morphs, pads, leads, even 4-track songs quickly and intuitively with Xphraze. With chopping rave chords, complex polyphonic soundscapes, screaming bass and lead riffs, luscious sweeping pads and tempo-synced sound effects, Xphraze will have your music exploding from your speakers all in perfect sync.

- Comes with a huge library with literally hundreds of ready-to-go Combis, Patches and Phrazes. Just pick what you need and go or tweak it to your needs in no time.
- Four-part multi-timbral polyphonic phrase synthesizer, full loop and tempo-sync capability (phraze generators, envelopes and LFOs).
- Each Patch consists of: Phrase Oscillator (32 cells) with individual note resolution, amp section and multimode filter, each with free- form loopable envelopes, two additional freeform loopable auxiliary envelopes, four freeform LFOs, arpeggiator, unison mode.
- Each Phraze Generator contains: individual multisample per cell, plus a maximum of six freely assignable cell parameters, such as pitch, cutoff, resonance, pan, level, gate-time and more. Each cell parameter curve freely mouse-editable.
- Unlimited, freely assignable morph modulation with 24 sources x 16 destinations.
- Phrase playback can be fully adjusted for each Patch: play and loop range (start/end) can be adjusted on-screen, switchable trigger/mute per cell, adjustable cell crossfade/duration.
- Xmix function allowing for live creation and remix of entire tracks using MIDI keys.
- Performance controllable stereo insert effects for each Patch from 24 effect types, plus four master effects from eleven types.
- Vector Synthesis: automated vector morph between four patches, including vector envelope.
- Integrated browser for managing unlimited numbers of Combis, Patches and Phrazes.
- Wave ROM with more than 200 waveforms included, plus import function for AIFF and Wave samples, automap for multisamples.
- Sample-accurate audio engine featuring 32 Bit floating-point resolution, 192 kHz sample rate, and up to 1024 voices/notes (256 per Patch).
- Integrated mouse-controllable keyboard with wheels.

How to install
1. Mount ISO-image into virtual drive e.g. Daemon Tools or Alcohol etc.
2. Before install run "!Run before Setup.exe" and don't close it until the end of the installation.
3. Run "Setup.exe" and follow instructions.
4. Ignore any error messages (if they appear).
5. After installation close "!Run before Setup.exe".
6. Copy manually "Xphraze Content" folder into your Xphraze directory (e.g. ...Program Files\VSTPlugIns\Xphraze). Existing files must be overwrite.
7. Replace "Xphraze.dll" from "XPhraze 1.2 Update" folder into Xphraze directory.
8. Copy "Presets" folder into "Xphraze Content" directory (e.g. ...Program Files\VSTPlugIns\Xphraze\Xphraze Content).
9. At first start specify the location of "xphraze.dat" (it is in "Xphraze Content" directory).
10. Enjoy!

tested on Win7 x64. Works fine!

All Xpansions included:
Wizoo Analog Impact
Wizoo Chronic Beatz
Nucleus SoundLab SoundCell X
Wizoo At The Club
Wizoo Mad Synth
Wizoo Trance Xpansion

To install Xpansions simply copy them to your Xphraze data folder (e.g. ...\VSTPlugIns\Xphraze\Xphraze Content). This location could very depending on your setup, but it should be the folder that contains 'xphraze.dat' as well as all the factory patch folders (01 Preview Combis etc). After that you should see the 'xpansion.x01 ... xpansion.x06' files in the data folder, as well as a new folder containing.

SWA Video Diving into XPhraze Video Tutorial
For the month of August we selected "Diving into Xphraze" by Robert Guerin. This video demonstrates how to get the most out of this amazing VST Instrument.

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