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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: tanya-j
Data: 15 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

MAGIX Samplitude Producer

MAGIX Samplitude Producer x86
2011 | ENG | 203 Mb

MAGIX Samplitude Producer - a complete set of tools for computer workstation, which is the basis of production, post production and mastering studio. It includes standard features of any multitrack software - writing, editing, mixing, effects processing and the like, sound editing functions (not inferior in range and power of specialized audio editing), support for advanced multimedia formats, allows to work with some of them directly, without intermediate conversion.

MAGIX Samplitude Producer allows mastering mixed in (or separately downloaded) material - from editing and processing to markup CD-tracks, and right from the desktop window of the project to record an audio-CD, in full compliance with the standard Red Book. Justifying its grandiose name, this version of MAGIX Samplitude Producer really cope with such producers' tasks, such as support for the work not only with the audio, but with MIDI, and even videos. A possibility to reduce the audio material in formats Surround Sound (both traditional two-channel and six channel 5.1) expands the already not narrow the horizons of the program. Multitrack part MAGIX Samplitude Producer is able to work simultaneously with 999 mono or stereo tracks. Virtual mixer allows you to send signals to the same number of additional buses, which can be configured as outputs, or sends subgroups.

Audioyadro program though, and writes the audio data in accordance with the title, that is, with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and bit depth to 24 bit (with 24-bit material is presented in 32-bit floating point), but can work with files at sample rates up 192 kHz and bit depth to 32 bits. Thanks to the excellent digital processing algorithms using serial floating point calculations, and absolute phase stability, Samplitude gives a surprisingly clear audio material even after intensive editing and effects processing. In addition, optimization of code separate real-time effects processor for Pentium III / IV can significantly improve system performance.

MAGIX Samplitude Producer

Almost all of the work MAGIX Samplitude Producer shall not physical audio fragments (for example, WAV-files), and with links to them. These links are placed in the multi-channel virtual project (VIP) as objects (Objects), and which are displayed on the screen. In addition to the "pictures" wave files contain various proprietary information, control the playback of files. Working with objects (ie, performing operation assembling, editing, etc.), you change only this inside information - the original files remain intact. The very same result Samplitude operations is calculated in real time, right when playing. In other words, the objects of the virtual project say the program, how and when to play audio files (or parts thereof, as the object may not necessarily contain the whole file, but its fragment). Further manipulation of objects, namely, fades, effects processing, mixing, etc., are also counted in real time. Samplitude allows you to do all the work from beginning to end, completely non-destructive mode. This allows not only free to use the same files in multiple projects at once, and (most importantly) avoid trankeyta occurring at a constant saving material in a format of a lower bit depth conversion between operations.

MAGIX Samplitude Producer

Some features:
- Ease of Use
- Direct multi-track recording
- First-class virtual instruments
- High-quality studio effects
- Professional Mixer
- Synchronisation of audio and MIDI editing
- Mastering set for perfect sound
- Correction back step
- Burn Audio CD (Redbook)
- Publication of online direct
- Support for VST, ASIO, ReWire, DirectX
and much, much more ...

Title: MAGIX Samplitude Producer
OS: Windows All
Size: 203 Mb
Language: English
Medicine: Present (crack + key)

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