Data: 12 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3318 SR3 Multilingal
Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3318 SR3 Multilingal | 10.66 MB

Offline Explorer - a powerful program that allows you to download individual files or entire Web pages (http, ftp, https, mms, pnm and rtsp) on your hard drive for later viewing off-line. Using Offline Explorer Enterprise, you can download an unlimited number of favorite sites to continue to work with them.

Whats new in this release:
Improved showing elapsed time in the project download statistics
Improved links with the tab browsing Queue
Improved export to EXE file folders overload
Improved processing of the forms of the fields
Improve the downloads from the project ChannelsPerServer =URL
Improving off scripts that do not allow for offline browsing
Improving links detecting logout
Improved links detection in scripts
Improved parsing of HTML tags inside XML
Improve Export Directories overloaded to HTML Help
Improved support for mouse wheel in the Project Properties dialog
Improved display of balloons tray when AutoSave
Improved progress display during the removal project files
Added the removal script
Improving Internal Server to handle large POST requests
Added additional command URL =ConvertWebArchive
Improving links with MP3 Flash object parameter extraction
Better support for scripting the
Improved export to check the transferred files in folders overloaded
Improved support for MIME types, or when some file filters are disabled
Improved processing scripts
Improving Content-Disposition the File Filters - Text is off
Increased productivity by an additional =MoveOldFiles and DeleteOldFiles command
Improving processing doPostBack links
Bug Fix: Fixed Unicode symbol with an offer in URLs
Bug Fix: Fixed parameters doPostBack the onclick event
Bug Fix: Fixed support for \ n symbols in the post =lines of the URL fields
Bug Fix: Fixed Autoexport
Bug Fix: Fixed adding moved files to the project map
Bug Fix: Fixed help - User Forum Link
Bug Fix: Fixed various UI issues
Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak in the script-processing calculations

Download (Oron)

Download (Hotfile)


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