Data: 12 Luty 2011
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Luxion KeyShot Pro 2.2.33

Luxion KeyShot Pro 2.2.33 | 343 MB

KeyShot is the to amazing shots ... in seconds. Communicating early concepts. Working to make design decisions. Creating marketing and purchases images. Whichever you would like to try, KeyShot in time breaks down the complexity barriers to construct photo-realistic images from 3D models. Faster, easier, even more amazing than in the past. KeyShot 2 is an all new application built on Luxions production proven realtime raytracing and global illumination technology. We taken the worlds fastest rendering engine, making it even faster.
Highlights through the new release include:
Significantly faster realtime interaction. A brand, rapid, high-quality shadowing algorithm takes full benefit from multi-core CPUs, delivering smooth, noise-free results instantly
Optimized workflow through new interface
Drag and drop capabilities of materials, textures and envrionments
A scene tree generates interaction with mulitple parts and models quickly
A brand innovative labeling system allows many labels to become in addition to any material
New import pipeline supports countless others file formats on both PC and Mac

New rendering capabilities

The recent rendering features in KeyShot 2 allow users to function faster, to get far more accurate results than in the past.

Key capabilities include:
Scene tree for better scene management
Light emitting materials with intensity and color control
Merging of previously saved scenes with current scenes
Unlimited label placement on any material
Ground global illumination an additional source physical plane

Performance improvements

KeyShot 2 are already further optimized to run even faster on PC and Mac with no need for special graphic cards. Performance improvements reach up to 50% versus the KeyShot and

Performance improvements include:
Loading of 3D data
Calculation of detailed and ground shadows
Image resolution in realtime
Offline render times

New importing capabilities
KeyShot 2 features jacks new data import pipeline for Pro/ENGINEER on both PC and Mac. Unlike before, the importers don t require Pro/ENGINEER to become physically installed, and thus work with more speed. When design changes are being encouraged to the Pro/ENGINEER model, the model is actually reimported into KeyShot without losing a few of the materials assignment previously made. It will recieve treatment with any simple supported file format.

PC requirements
Or windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
AMD or Pentium 4 processor or better

Download (Oron)

Download (Hotfile)


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