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Data: 12 Luty 2011
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Lucion FileCenter Professional Plus v7.0.0.11 Cracked
Lucion FileCenter Professional Plus v7.0.0.11 Cracked | 52.3 MB

FileCenter is easy-to-use paperless office software that helps home and professional users scan, archive, organize, in order to find computer files. FileCenter is filled with time-saving features, offering up the full solution with a single, simple interface.

Paperless Office Software Features
FileCenter combines many file management, scanning, OCR, and PDF manipulation features correct into a smooth workflow:

Main Features
Manage & Organize Your Files
FileCenter operates on the all familiar Cabinet/Drawer/Folder design for organizing files. However , if you favor a traditional Explorer layout, FileCenter also provides an Explorer View.

Scan to PDF or TIFF
FileCenter features one-click scanning for efficiently moving paper to PDF. Harmonizes with most desktop scanners (TWAIN or WIA compatible).

Automatically OCR All Scans
FileCenter integrates OCR like a seamless perhaps the scanning process. Literally alternate from paper to searchable PDF within mouse click. Apparel built-in engines or an individual's favorite.

Stack, Join, and Split PDFs
With FileCenter Professional, "stack" or join PDF files with drag-and-drop simplicity. You should also know how to split 13 , 000 PDF into multiple files ... without having to open it.

PDF, Scanning, and OCR Features
PDF Reader & Viewer
Use FileCenter to start and preview your PDF files. The tabbed interface keeps multiple open files when you need it. FileCenter can even enable you to view your TIFF scans and faxes.

OCR Existing Files
People scanned documents, FileCenter tend to make them searchable and indexable through OCR. Or, pull the writing far removed from a PDF and send it to the word processor for editing.

Insert, Rearrange, and Delete Pages
FileCenters Pages mode allow you a high-level view of your precious PDF document. Its also the proper spot for their reorganize pages, delete or insert pages, extract pages, etc.

One-Click PDF Conversion
With one click, convert many kinds of files included with the popular PDF format. Or e-mail files as PDFs convert-and-send truly within transparent step.

Print to PDF
Turn Word documents, online sites, e-mail, or other amount of file to PDF. Just print your documents to FileCenters included PDF printer to turn them into accurate PDF files.

Scan to Word
If all you love might be the document text, have you thought to just scan directly to Word? With one click, FileCenter will run a scan, extract the writing, and open it up with your favorite word processor.

Separate & Save Scans Automatically
For high-volume scanning, FileCenter can automatically split a collection of scans into individual files. It would possibly even auto-save those files to pre-determined destinations.

File Management Features
Universal File Support
FileCenter can store any existing Windows file. Besides it integrates cleanly considering the Save and Open functions of all programs to assist you save and open with FileCenter.

Folder Templates
Utilize the particular same folder layouts time and again, FileCenter tend to make simpler. Define reusable folder layouts following which recall them at will.

File Naming Rules
In place a directory of your most commonly file names in ahead of time. Then save or rename files with one or two hours clicks of the mouse. These file naming rules can contain dynamic information.

Inbox; File Moving Tool
FileCenter provides an "Inbox" along split view for organizing and rearranging files. Youll even know how to rename files as you move them, or create links ? nstead of copies.

Enhanced File Preview & Thumbnails
FileCenters built-in viewer aids you with any office, image, or PDF file onto the fly, making FileCenter invaluable for quickly evaluating documents without having to open them.

Desktop & Network Search
Sort through your documents as quickly as you search internet. FileCenters full-text searching for you to locate files in seconds. Properly indexes could possibly be shared making use of a network.

E-mail Files ... as PDFs
Send any existing file with one-click e-mail attachments. Just select and send. Really have to send data as PDF? FileCenter can send many kinds of files as PDFs, without any subsequent extra steps.

Security & Shredding
Use FileCenters strong encryption to protect private files from prying eyes. When you wish to delete sensitive files, use FileCenters secure file shredding to be able to a deep wipe.

Bridge the Gap with Outlook
FileCenter can help you save and organize files by Outlook contact, bridging the gap between Outlook additionally your files. Go a pace further and archive Outlook e-mail organizing.

Network Bin
Essential shortcoming of network drives might be the low a Bin. So FileCenter provides some. Now if you delete a network file by mistake, it would likely certainly recovered.

Network Deployment & Administration
FileCenter Professional tend to make even non-technical users good network administrators. Simple tools allow it to an easy deploy and administer FileCenter onto the network.

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